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Do you play video games? Do you enjoy writing about video games, or have ever wanted to write about video games?

Here at Game Infliction, we allow gamers to write their own content. With Game Infliction, you write with us – not for us. You own all of the content you write.

Why write with us?

Freedom – Write content about anything related to gaming. Please read our rules before writing articles.

Take credit for your content – You own all of the content you write. Share your thoughts, reviews, or even gameplay in your articles. You can share your own gaming content (example, YouTube content) in articles you write.

Gain followers – Fill out your profile and share links back to your other content and channels. A personalized author card will display below your articles – displaying your links.

Earn money – You are allowed to use your own affiliate marketing links (example, Amazon Associate) and one advertisement banner (example, AdSense) in each article you post.

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