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12 PC games on sale right now

The Talos Principle

Here are 12 (Steam) PC games on sale right now with a total savings of over $300.

Click the links below to view each sale. All games are digital (Steam). All prices are in USD.

Game Platform Discounted Price Regular Price Where
Civilization V + 9 FREE DLCs Steam PC/Mac 6.59 29.99 Indiegala
Cities: Skylines Steam PC/Mac 11.87 29.99 Indiegala
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Complete Pack Steam PC/Mac 6.99 34.99 Indiegala
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Steam PC 14.99 59.99 Greenmangaming
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Steam PC 16.98 59.99 Greenmangaming
Civilization: Beyond Earth Steam PC/Mac 13.59 39.99 Greenmangaming
South Park: The Stick of Truth Steam PC 12.99 29.99 Greenmangaming
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Bundle Steam PC/Mac 14.99 49.99 Bundle Stars
SPINTIRES Steam PC 7.49 29.99 Bundle Stars
F.E.A.R Bundle Steam PC 4.99 54.96 Bundle Stars
The Talos Principle Steam PC/Mac 10 39.99 Gamers Gate
Endless Legend – Classic Edition Steam PC/Mac 11.9 29.99 Gamers Gate
$133.38 $489.85 $356.47 total savings