Random: Luigi Has Been Found Inside The Dreamcast Prototype Of Sega GT

L is real!

Over the course of the ’90s, Sega and Nintendo were obviously direct competitors – we’ve seen this documented in texts like the ‘Console Wars‘ by Blake J. Harris. Despite this, it seems there was some rather incredibly weird stuff going on behind the scenes at one of these video game companies – so weird actually, that it was “borrowing” its rival’s mascots…

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Review: Kitaria Fables – A Delightfully Cute, Fantasy Life-Style RPG Adventure

One for the grinders.

It’s been seven years since Level-5’s toylike RPG masterpiece Fantasy Life came to the 3DS in the West, and like addicts seeking our next hit we’ve been searching for something that replicates that feeling ever since. Between games like Ni No Kuni (also Level-5) and cutesy Rune Factory-likes such as Littlewood, we’ve come close… but in a surprising twist, Kitaria Fables is the younger sibling to Fantasy Life that we never saw coming.

The pitch doesn’t really do the game justice: “a delightfully cute action adventure RPG with farming and crafting” makes us feel that another-farming-game fatigue that followed in the wake of Stardew Valley, and the cat theming, we’ll be honest, left us expecting something twee and hollow. After all, we’ve been burned by cute-looking stuff before.

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Destiny 2’s New Trials of Osiris Matchmaking System Is Stirring Controversy

Bungie has added matchmaking assistance to Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris mode to make it more welcoming for a wider range of players, but it hasn’t launched without its own fair share of controversy.

For those unaware, Trials of Osiris is a high-risk, high-reward competitive 3v3 PvP mode in Destiny 2 that has players attempting to go Flawless by winning seven matches in a row. By doing so, players gain access to exclusive rewards in the Lighthouse.

As reported by Kotaku, the details of this matchmaking change to Trials of Osiris were shared in the latest This Week At Bungie, and are part of Trials of Osiris’ revamp following the mode being offline for a bit.

The first of these changes is the addition of a “flawless pool” that will put players who achieve the Flawless milestone by going 7-0 into a matchmaking pool with others who have done the same. Players will remain in this pool until the game’s weekly reset.

For those who are having some troubles in Trials of Osiris, Bungie will also offer “matchmaking help” until they start winning again. Luckily, the temporary nature of this change will hopefully help with those looking to game the system.

“We are enabling some matchmaking help if someone runs into several blowout matches,” Bungie community manager Cozmo_BNG wrote. “This temporary help mechanic clears up once they start winning again, so don’t think someone will cheese a flawless by tanking for a few games and then have a weekend of smooth sailing.”

There are those, like @Benjjjyy on Twitter, who feel that this may “discourage players who have gone flawless from ever playing again.” It could also encourage certain players to manipulate the system by resetting on six wins so they can avoid being placed in this Flawless pool.

This new system, according to Cozmo, is a work-in-progress and will be adjusted in the future if needed.

“We will be watching both analytics and feedback – and trying to balance fast matches with good matches across the playerbase,” Cozmo said. “Definitely not set in stone forever.”

For more on Destiny 2, check out all the latest details on The Witch Queen, which will be released in February 2022, and the news that the Gjallarhorn is coming back.

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Baldo Gets A Second Switch Hotfix, Fixes All “Known” Bugs And Glitches

But players still seem to be encountering issues.

Baldo: The Guardian Owls got off to a rough start when it arrived on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms.

We ended up delaying our review and waiting until a hotfix was released. Unfortunately, even after the first patch – we still encountered quite a lot of problems. The Italian developer Naps Team has now released yet another patch. It’s simply titled “Hotfix 2” and apparently resolves all remaining “known” bugs and glitches.

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Toby Fox Will Release Deltarune Chapter 3, 4, and 5 at the Same Time

Despite Deltarune: Chapter 2 being released by itself, series creator Toby Fox has said that his goal is to have Chapters 3, 4, and 5 arrive at the same time.

Toby Fox shared the news on Deltarune.com following the release of Deltarune: Chapter 2 and said that, while he had originally planned on releasing new chapters only when all of them were finished, he realized that “it’s hard both for creators and fans to go a long time without a release.”

However, he is now focused on completing Chapters 3, 4, and 5 and will launch the complete game (Chapters 1-5) at a currently unknown price that will be more than Undertale, which currently costs $14.99.

Fox released both Deltarune Chapter 1 and 2 for free and has asked that players (who can afford it!) should buy another indie game to support smaller developers. Additionally, those who want to support Toby Fox can purchase the soundtracks to Undertale and both Deltarune chapters from Bandcamp.

“Just one request – please remember, games like this aren’t normally free,” Fox wrote. “If you can afford it, spend the money you saved from getting this game for free by supporting other indie devs. If you really want to give me money, buy the soundtrack from Bandcamp. Thank you.”

Deltarune: Chapter 2’s launch was a surprising one that was announced at Undertale’s 6th-anniversary celebration event only a few days ago. Deltarune, according to Fox, was much harder to develop for than Undertale due to “the complexity of new systems, plotlines, and graphics.”

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Feature: 30 Years Of Sonic The Hedgehog – The Many Faces Of Mario’s Biggest Rival

The personal recap of the fastest thing alive.

Over the last three decades, many types of Sonic fan have emerged and evolved. The type of fan you are often depends on where you jumped aboard the platforming franchise. You’ve got your 2D purists, your handheld advocates, your 3D defenders, your Werehog worriers, your people who say the 8-bit games were better than the 16-bit ones… and that’s just the tip of the Green Hill.

Today self-described ‘long-suffering Sonic veteran’ Stuart Gipp takes a chronological look back over the entire series ’til now…

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Review: Active Life Outdoor Challenge / Family Trainer – Fit Enough For Purpose

Wii think we’ve seen this before.

There used to be a time during the Wii era where you couldn’t move for fitness games. The enormous success of Wii Fit led to a steady stream of imitators, from well-known established publishers all the way down to the shovelware merchants looking to cash in on the latest fad. One of the more unique offerings was Active Life Outdoor Challenge (known in Europe as Family Trainer)

Released by Bandai Namco in 2008, it opted not to use the Wii Remote or even Wii Fit’s Balance Board, and instead came with a giant floor mat. This was a nod to Bandai’s original 1986 Famicom game Family Trainer, which also used a mat (which would eventually be known in the West as the NES Power Pad).

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