Massive Skyrim mod Enderal: The Shards of Order will re-launch on Steam

Enderal: The Shards Of Order by SureAI is arguably the most impressive thing to come from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim‘s massive mod scene. While it may use Skyrim’s engine, it uses it to tell its own story in a new world, fully voiced and expertly produced.  If there was any mod worthy of a high-profile release on Steam alongside Skyrim itself, it’d be Enderal. And that’s what’s happening.

While there’s some precedent for it (Skyrim Scipt Extender, a mod prerequisite, is available on Steam), Enderal is the first slab of game content to escape the Steam Workshop and establish its own store page. While there’s no date set for it yet, SureAI hope to release Enderal with its upcoming expansion on Steam soon, although you can get it direct from SureAI now.


Quake Champions brings back The Longest Yard, adds Athena and some fun new modes

Big changes for Quake Champions today. Id’s twitchy (and now free-to-play) arena FPS revival is paying tribute to the fans – favourite high-flying Quake 3 deathmatch map The Longest Yard is back in business. There’s also a new grappling hook-using champion, Athena (based on Quake 2) and the introduction of Arcade Mode, a grab-bag of alternative modes for more casual play. The servers are patching to the September Update now, though the game still technically remains in early access.


Mosaic is a narrative adventure about not going to work

There’s something about Mosaic. Maybe it‘s the dark colour palette, the poignant use of lighting or the low poly aesthetic of Krillbite Studio’s second game, but I’m transfixed.

Krillbite’s first title, exploration horror Among the Sleep, was an unexpectedly big success, a… sleeper hit, if you will. Mosaic is supposed to be a departure in every way, but it retains a gloomy atmosphere that makes me think the Krillbite team could use a bit more sun and fresh air. CEO Jon Cato Lorentzen gives me an embarrassed grin when I bring it up.


Free new monster Deviljho crosses the sea into Monster Hunter: World today

DEVILJHO! An oddly fun name to say, though you’ll probably be exclaiming it with a little more panic than that, as this roaming slab of angry teeth and spikes is now wandering Monster Hunter: World. Deviljho presents a new set of problems for those working their way through upper and high ranked hunts – it largely does as it pleases, and what pleases it is fighting everything.

Deviljho looks like an awful hybrid of a cucumber, a cactus, a crocodile and a tyrannosaur. Deviljho has far too many teeth. Deviljho is probably just around the corner. Prepare for Deviljho.


Eve Online devs CCP being bought by Black Desert Online company

CCP Games, the Icelandic mob who make spacebastard sandbox Eve Online, are being bought up by the South Korean lot behind Black Desert Online (that MMORPG with the weird and wonderful character creator). Pearl Abyss are to pay $425 million (about £330m) for CCP, with the plan that CCP will continue to run and work on their own games while also lending their expertise to Pearl. Though perhaps it’s too early to rule out the possibility that this is part of another grand scheme or double-cross from an Eve player seeking an advantage over their spacefoes, the most expensive yet.