The Callisto Protocol has a roadmap, but right now it’s broken down for everyone

The Callisto Protocol for now – unless you want to face the horror of stuttering framerates. Hordes of people on Steam are reporting the same issues that Alice Bee did in her review, plonking Callisto’s rating into Mostly Negative. Developers Striking Distance Studios have acknowledged the issue and say they’ll drop a patch later today to fix it, but we’ll see.

They’ve also revealed their post-launch roadmap, so hopefully it’ll run well enough by February for you to enjoy the New Game+ and Hardcore modes.

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Portal writer says people at Valve like his “pretty awesome” idea for Portal 3

Portal 2 penner Jay Pinkerton have even floated that idea around Valve, to a positive response. It’s totes on the cards, is what it sounds like.

The news comes from Wolpaw’s recent interview with YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming, which is also worth a watch to learn about all the ideas Valve didn’t wind up using in Portal 2. At one point it had bullet time.

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Collector Tokens, new cards and nerfs hit Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap, intrigued by the next few, then hooked within ten. Second Dinner’s lightning-fast CCG manages to pack a surprising amount of nuance and strategy within six turns, while cleverly leaning on that brevity to play around with ideas that wouldn’t work elsewhere. It’s neat! And free! You should try it.

All the more so, now that the latest update has added Collector Tokens that let you buy specific cards rather than leaving you solely at the mercy of booster packs. There are also 16 new cards, nerfs to some old ones, and a smattering of other improvements.

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Applications for the next round of RPS’s work experience programme for ethnic minorities are open!

Eden Assiene this summer. If you reckon you’d like to cover PC gaming for RPS then read on.

The work experience programme is only for applicants from ethnic minorities who live in the UK, and applications are open from now until the end of January. We’d love for you to join us, so check out the entry requirements and get in touch.

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