Three New NES Games, Including Metroid, Are Headed to Nintendo Switch Online Next Week

Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee will all be headed to the Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo Entertainment System library next Wednesday, November 14.

Joining the ever-growing list of NES titles that are playable with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, these three follow last month’s additions of NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, Super Dodge Ball, and the surprise inclusion of The Legend of Zelda SP which starts Link with every item in the game and 255 rupees.

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Riot Games Sued for Gender-Based Discrimination

Riot Games has been sued by one current and one former employee and has been accused of “endemic gender-based discrimination and fostering a “men-first” environment.”

As reported by Kotaku, the lawsuit follows another investigation by Kotaku that delved into a sexist culture at Riot Games, the publisher of titles such as League of Legends.

The class-action lawsuit filed against Riot Games states that, “like many of Riot Games’ female employees, Plaintiffs have been denied equal pay and found their careers stifled because they are women. Moreover, Plaintiffs have also seen their working conditions negatively impacted because of the ongoing sexual harassment, misconduct, and bias which predominate the sexually-hostile working environment of Riot Games.”

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Déraciné Review

Déraciné is haunting, and not just because you play as an invisible ghost-like figure wandering the halls of a boarding school. It’s thanks to a smart focus on character and place that come together to produce an eerie, surprisingly moving fairytale that, mostly, overcomes its pedestrian use of VR.

Déraciné is fairly conventional in the “how” of its VR interaction: you teleport from spot to spot, using two spectral hands to interact with key items. There’s no health or mana bar, no fights to prepare for — rather, as a spectral faerie caught between time, you’re free to move about the mansion setting at a leisurely pace. Across a number of chapters, FromSoftware and SIE Japan’s five or six-hour adventure functions like a point-and-click adventure you just so happen to be physically standing in the middle of. Find an item in one room that can lead to opening a chest in another, but you may need to listen to a line of dialogue to figure out where that initial item actually is.

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Diablo: Immortal’s Reveal Was an Unnecessary Mess

Blizzard announced Diablo: Immortal at BlizzCon last Friday, spurring one of the angriest backlashes to a video game reveal I’ve ever seen. The Diablo community was expecting big news for the series (despite Blizzard’s attempts to temper those expectations) and instead it got a look at a mobile-only spinoff that didn’t do much to satisfy that hunger.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Director Considering Options for Other Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 Titles

Tetsuya Nomura, director of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, has hinted that Square Enix is considering revisiting other entries in the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, which includes games like Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and the film Advent Children.

Reported by Famitsu (via translations provided by Gematsu), Nomura was participating in a Q&A session for The World Ends With You: Final Remix when a fan said “I want to play Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 again!”

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