Why This Ultra-Rare Mario Bros. Cartridge Sold for Over $100K

This week a copy of Super Mario Bros., at first glance indistinguishable from the one gathering dust in your parents’ attic, sold at auction for $100,150. According to Heritage Auctions, this “set a world record for a graded game,” which means perhaps it didn’t have that much dust on it, according to Wata Games, which graded it at 9.4, or Near Mint. But, you might be wondering as you rush over your parents’ attic: Why is this simple cartridge, box, and manual worth over one-hundred thousand dollars?

02_Super Mario Bros sold for $100+K CREDIT WATA GAMES

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The Origin of Every Character in Jump Force

There are a ton of characters in Jump Force – 40 playable to be exact, – hailing from 16 different anime and manga series. I did the math, that means in order to be fully caught up enough to know all about all these characters and the anime they’re from, you’d need to have watched 3,781 episodes of anime (please don’t check the math).

Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. Here are the origins of all 40 anime/manga characters from Jump Force.

One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy


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