Anthem’s Microtransactions: Everything You Need to Know

The first week of microtransactions are currently available in Anthem, and if you don’t feel like earning them for free, they’ll set you back $30 USD. They can be earned in-game if you’d rather not pay to acquire them, but here’s what you can get today:

  • 61,000 coin or 850 shards – Epic Guardian Armor Pack for the Ranger
  • 61,000 coin or 850 shards – Epic Dreadnought Armor Pack for the Colossus
  • 18,000 coin or 400 shards – Epic Gum on Shoe Entrance Animation for the Colossus
  • 12,000 coin or 300 shards – Uncommon Graphic: Midnight Shield Vinyl
  • 12,000 coin or 300 shards – Rare Metal: Diamond Plate Texture
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update Starts New Season, Changes to Blackout Map

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s newest update, Operation Grand Heist launched Tuesday on PlayStation 4, becoming available on Xbox One and PC at a later date.

Operation Grand Heist is a free update and will offer content across all playable modes: multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies. A new female specialist, the Outrider, will be released and more playable areas in the Blackout map will launch.

The update is comprised of a 1970’s style heist theme, and brings with it immense types of personalization, including new vehicles and accessories.

The new specialist, Outrider, who was previously in Black Ops 3, will make her debut in the update – known for her stealth precision using the Sparrow, a, explosive longbow, to take out enemies.

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Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Showdown, and Amiibo Delayed

Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Showdown, and the Treasure Trove amiibo 3-pack have been delayed from their April 9, 2019, release date.

Announced by Yacht Club Games, the delay will allow for the developer to “bring these to the highest level of quality just as we have with previous Shovel Knight games.”

While no new date was given, Yacht Club Games does mention it estimates it will be “several months – at most!”

Alongside polishing and perfecting the games themselves, this delay will allow for a simultaneous physical/digital release, localization in nine languages, playtesting on 10 different platforms, and much more.

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Anthem: Day One Patch Will Improve Loading Times

Because the world is strange and confusing, Anthem’s day one patch will arrive a week after thousands of people began playing it. Thankfully, it should improve one of the most common complaints about the early version – its loading times.

Arriving on the game’s official release date of 22 February (it was made available to EA Origin Access Premier subscribers on the 15th), the patch is wide-ranging to say the least, but puts loading times (and a bug that caused infinite loading screens) right at the top.

To gauge how big a problem that’s been, the Anthem subreddit has been ablaze with posts on the subject. One post sees u/dragonoob44 timing how long it takes to exit Freeplay to change gear, then re-enter, which results in over 7 minutes of loading. It’s not an out-of-the-ordinary complaint.

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