Persona 5 The Royal Revealed

Atlus has officially revealed Persona 5 The Royal for PlayStation 4.

While little new information has been announced, the title that was teased as Persona 5 R now has another teaser trailer. The trailer features a girl with red hair in the rain in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, followed by the game’s official logo. The Japanese teaser can be viewed on the game’s official website.

P5R Logo

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God of War Director Reveals Full Story Behind Famous E3 Demo

In a presentation given during GDC 2019, God of War director Cory Barlog revealed the full story behind the famous E3 2016 demo that debuted the new God of War to the world.

Barlog says the team always knew the game’s big reveal would be at E3 2016, though he didn’t know if it would simply be a logo, a trailer or a full demo. Nine or 10 months before the show, he decided the demo would take place inside the game’s mountain, and pitched this idea to Sony and PR representatives

“About halfway through the pitch I realized ‘this is absolute crap.’ But I’m still giving the pitch,” said Barlog. “So in my mind, I’m starting to think of ways to eject. I start having a few ideas – potentially the beginning of the game, a few visual ideas that are coming up while I’m just running on autopilot on the pitch.”

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NBA 2K19 for Free, Save on Nintendo Switch Mario Bundles, and More

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Last week’s incredible Mario Day sale event has come to a close. If you missed it, there was a brief window of opportunity where you could pick up a Mario game for Nintendo Switch for just $40. The other part of the sale was the $329 Switch and Mario game bundle. The good news is that deal lives on in at Walmart and it’s even better than it was before.

Looking for some games? Check out the latest Nintendo Switch game deals and save on some of the best

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