Forage, Fight, And Marry Other Cats In ‘Cattails: Wildwood Story’, Pouncing Onto Switch In 2024

RPG: Really Pretty Grimalkins.

Way back in 2018, before Animal Crossing: New Horizons, before the pandemic, and before the Nintendo eShop was packed with kitty games, there was Cattails: A relaxing feline RPG that combined the territorial nature of man’s second-best friend with the survival life-simminess of games like Stardew Valley. We gave it 8/10 at the time, praising its “fun mechanics, cheerful writing and lovely soundtrack” as the perfect thing to while away the pre-Animal Crossing hours.

Good mews for cat fans: Cattails is getting a standalone sequel, called Cattails: Wildwood Story, and it’s also coming to Switch! The game is currently being Kickstarted, but whether you back it or not, it’s already smashed its initial goal of $30,000 and is well on its way to $250,000 as we write this.

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Feature: The 12 Best Wrestling Games On Nintendo Systems

Grappling for your attention.

Ah, professional wrestling, the one true sport. Is there anything better than having a big fake fight? Of course not, which is why kids have play-fights all the time. And, just like wrestling, sometimes those fights become all-too-real when someone works themselves into a shoot.

Wrestling, of course, has quite the storied history not just in The World, but on Nintendo, too. So we’ve decided to brave the squared circle and unleash twelve of the best, most important and most interesting wrestling games in Nintendo history all over your candy asses. And, if you disagree with the list, just pretend it’s a Russo-style swerve!

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Antonblast Looks Like The Wario Land Successor We’ve Been Begging For

Back it now on Kickstarter.

It’s been nearly 14 ruddy years since we last got a proper Wario Land game. Of course, the WarioWare series is fantastic too, and we’d love to see it continue to thrive, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss the classic platforming gameplay of the core Wario Land series.

While Nintendo doesn’t seem to be in any rush to make a new entry to the series, a new project launching on Kickstarter today might just look like the perfect alternative. Developed by Summitsphere, Antonblast is an over-the-top platformer with authentic Game Boy Advance aesthetics, taking inspiration from a wide range of games such as Wario Land 4, Metroid Dread, Cuphead, Shovel Knight, Sonic CD, and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

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‘Hyrule Highlands II’ Is Classic Zelda Music With Celtic And Folk Flair

That’s Celtic with a hard ‘C’.

Game music is, pleasingly, getting increased recognition and appreciation for its role in the industry. So many of our favourite experiences are enhanced and in part defined by the soundtrack, and we can see this in the love shown towards iconic tracks. Fan-made performances and arrangements are easy to find, and some of them do brilliant things with the source material.

One upcoming album that looks likely to do just that is ‘Hyrule Highlands II’ – it’s the work of Tim de Man, a one-man Celtic and Folk band. The first album in this series is above and is fantastic, and for the follow up they’ve teamed up with ZREO: Second Quest, which helped with the new mixes and promotion. Hyrule Highlands II launches on Bandcamp on 24th May, where it can be purchased for $10USD or more, before dropping on all major streaming services on 7th June. Picking it up on Bandcamp gets you a “music video featuring Tim de Man, high-resolution front and rear cover art, wallpaper with and without logos in 6K resolution, mobile wallpaper, and a complimentary photo of Tim.”

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Pokémon HOME’s Diamond & Pearl And Legends: Arceus Compatibility Update Scheduled For This Week

Version 2.0 incoming.

At the end of last week, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo announced the cloud storage service Pokémon HOME would finally be receiving an update to make it compatible with the most recent entries in the series Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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Part Fort, Part Nite, All Cop: Robocop Is Now In Fortnite

And so is Ali-A, who is not a robot or a cop.

The latest IP crossover is (rolls dice) Robocop in (rolls dice) Fortnite, which means that the ultimate showdown is now possible: Robocop vs The Terminator vs Alien vs Predator. This is what the multiverse has been working up to, surely.

The Robocop outfit will include the LEG-209 Back Bling, which can also be used separately as a pickaxe. You’ll also be able to purchase the Lil’ED-209 emote from the shop, which allows players to ride a mini ED-209 (which apparently also works going up stairs).

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Talking Point: In An Age Of Endless Delays, Nintendo’s First-Party Flow Is Extraordinary

The hits keep coming.

When Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp was postponed earlier this year in response to current events in Ukraine, there was an interesting perspective that did the rounds. It meant a longer than normal gap between Nintendo retail titles, and we’d have to wait — gasp — for a few weeks to play Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Likewise with the delay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 to ‘Spring 2023’; as it stands we’ll only have a new Pokémon generation to enjoy this Holiday season. Gosh, tough times, though of course Nintendo will have a Direct or two to come that’ll likely fill even more gaps. We were disappointed to see Zelda pushed back to next year, but there’s no shortage of other Switch games to occupy our twiddling thumbs.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ‘Online Challenge’ Kicks Off This Month (Europe)

My Nintendo Gold Points up for grabs.

Nintendo is set to launch a ‘European Online Challenge’ for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with the event running from 18:00 to 21:00 (CEST) / 17:00 to 20:00 (BST) on May 20th, 2022.

The event allows participants to compete in 1 vs 1 matches via the ‘Online Tourney’ menu; players will be limited to two lives with matches set to last up to 5 minutes apiece. Stages will be limited to Battlefield and Omega variants with items, hazards, and Final Smash meters turned off; so this will be a true test of your Smash skills.

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Random: Many At Retro Studios Weren’t ‘Excited’ To Work On Mario Kart 7

Studio was brought in to assist development.

It’s widely known at this point that Retro Studios – famed for the Metroid Prime series and for reviving Donkey Kong Country – was recruited by Nintendo to help out on development for the 3DS release of Mario Kart 7. The developer had just wrapped work on Donkey Kong Country Returns and according to environment artist Ted Anderson, many weren’t too keen to work on a Mario Kart game.

Speaking to YouTuber KIMI TALKZ, Anderson stated that the team was initially brought in to help Nintendo get over the finish line, but ended up creating entire tracks, which some members were apparently not “super-duper excited” about:

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