Tunche Gets A Switch Release Date, So You Can Save The Amazon Rainforest As Hat Kid

Five playable characters and co-op supported.

Initially expected back in March, there is now a confirmed release date for Tunche on Switch; it arrives on 2nd November. A fun little fact about the game is that one of its playable characters is Hat Kid from A Hat In Time, if you fancy a blast from the Indie past.

If you haven’t come across Tunche before it’s a beat ’em up with a hand-drawn aesthetic, which you can play solo on in local co-op for up to four players. There is a roguelike feel as each run will gain you experience to learn new abilities, but with five playable characters to master there should be decent variety.

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Feature: 8 Games That Missed Nintendo Hardware

The most mysterious omissions in Nintendo history.

Any longtime Nintendo fan knows that the company’s third-party publishing partners can be fair-weather friends. Plenty of the industry’s biggest franchises have been absent from Nintendo hardware for quite some time. In some cases, Nintendo’s own bold decisions over cartridges and standard definition gaming have cost them key entries in series that were once synonymous with their brand.

But, thanks to the Switch’s popularity, some of the most infamous games to skip Nintendo hardware have come home. Square’s ambitious Final Fantasy VII was once too big to fit on an N64 cart, a factor in driving the longtime Nintendo partner to opt for optical disc media on Sony’s PlayStation. The move apparently had Nintendo telling Square “never come back.”

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Out Now: Youtubers Life 2 Brings Content Creation And Famous Online Stars To Switch

Collab with real YouTubers and hit the bigtime.

Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Youtubers Life 2, the latest channel-making, content creation simulator from Raiser Games and UPLAY Online.

Unsurprisingly released as a sequel to the original Youtubers Life, this new release has players taking on the role of an emerging online star in NewTube City. There, you’ll need to keep an eye on all the latest trends (so that’s planking, right?), before making content and watching the likes and subscribers roll in.

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Nascar Heat Ultimate Edition+ Speeds Onto Switch Next Month

With 39 tracks and online play supported.

Motorsports Games has announced that Nascar Heat Ultimate Edition+ will be speeding onto a Switch near you next month, bringing the series to Nintendo’s hybrid platform for the first time.

This is the official video game of the 2020 season, with all the 2020 official teams, drivers, cars and schedule from the three Nascar National Series present and correct. It also features the Xtreme Dirt Tour, with 39 tracks being included in the game in total.

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Random: Forget Dread, It’s All About Metroid: Other M On Twitter Right Now

Fans are “defending” the Wii entry for all sorts of reasons.

Metroid Dread might have just been released for the Nintendo Switch (and it’s outstanding by the way), but over on social media, the conversation is all about Team Ninja’s 2010 Wii title, Metroid: Other M. While it was mostly well-received back then, as time went on it’s fallen out of favour.

So, what’s all the fuss about now? While many have been talking about MercurySteam’s latest release, it seems an offshoot of this is about whether or not ‘Other M’ was a blight on the Metroid series’ history. A lot of Metroid fans are apparently “defending” the title, while others still don’t really like it. Here’s a round-up of just some of the many responses to this topic, which has now generated more than 80k Tweets.

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Looks Like Dune’s Coming To Fortnite

Oh, worm?

Fortnite has never shied away from representing big brands in its games, so it comes as no surprise that the latest addition to the metaverse is Dune. The upcoming movie, starring Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides and Zendaya as Chani, has now been Fortnite-ified, according to a leak on Twitter from HYPEX:

The Zendaya model looks pretty faithful to her real-life counterpart in these higher definition screenshots:

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Poll: As Sora Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate, How Much Of The DLC Roster Do You Own?

‘None’ is an ok answer, no judgement here…

After the frenzy around the final character reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we’re now in the home stretch before Sora drops and concludes the DLC and updates for the iconic platform fighter. It’s a big deal for those that have devoted a lot of time and, indeed, money to the game, while for the rest it’s a bit of a toss up as to whether or not to drop money on the Kingdom Hearts hero.

As one perspective, this scribe played the game a lot in the first 3-4 months after release, but fell away as online play could sometimes be rather laggy and, probably the bigger reason, most players were too good. Practice makes perfect, yes — git gud and all that — but after a few dozen hours and a lot of fun it was time to play other games. It was a great purchase and is a nice part of the collection, but there’s been no personal motivation to go back even as the multiple fighter passes and additions have rolled in.

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Reminder: Sora And Version 13.0.0 Arrive In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Today

Here’s when Sora goes live in Smash Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s monstrous roster is just hours away from being complete, with the release of final fighter Sora and the game’s Version 13.0.0. update both imminent.

Revealed during the special Smash Bros. Direct earlier this month, Sora arrives in-game on Monday 18th October in the US, and on Tuesday 19th October in Europe. While an exact time hasn’t been given, the timezone differences suggest that the new content will arrive somewhere between 4pm and midnight PT today (which equates to 12am – 8am CEST on Tuesday morning).

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The Kids We Were Will Offer A Charming Exploration Of 1980s Japan On Switch

Switch edition will add a new story chapter.

The routes that Indie games take to the Switch vary a great deal, and one of them is to make a start on mobile before arriving on Nintendo’s system in a ‘premium’ iteration down the road. The Kids We Were is following that approach having earned awards and plenty of praise on Android and iOS, with a release date of 26th January now confirmed for Switch and Steam.

Developed by GAGEX, The Kids We Were is a narrative adventure game that adopts blocky voxel-style visuals – think The Touryst but with a calmer colour palette. On mobile it boasts of high user review averages full of comments praising the story, and it does sound like the concept and setting could make for an intriguing experience. It involves a bit of time travel, a ‘Back to the Future’-esque quest and a setting of 1980s Tokyo suburbs.

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