Random: Plush Neo Geo Mini Arrives To Steal Your Heart And Wallet

Falling asleep at the arcade was never this comfy.

We’re as partial as the next gamer to quality video game merch, however needless or useless it may be. Make a cool, smaller version of some retro hardware and we’ll snap it up, as the growing collection of mini consoles around the Nintendo Life offices attests. We’re also not averse to tiny rubber versions on key chains.

SNK reckons there’s a gap at the other end of the market, though. “Let’s a make a big mini” said somebody in an office somewhere, “and let’s make it a plush.” It seems nobody told this person to stop being silly, so say hello to the snappily-named ‘NEO GEO Mini BIG Plush Doll’.

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Black Future ’88 Brings An Alternate Past To Switch This Year

There’s no future, or past, without neon or roguelike elements.

Coming to Switch and PC later this year, self-described ‘roguelike action shooter’ Black Future ’88 is set in an alternate reality where, it appears, it’s always 1988.

Presumably this is an alternate 1988 after Biff stole the Sports Almanac and gifted it to his past self because things don’t look too rosey. On the positive side, you’ve survived a nuclear event – yay! – but unfortunately it seems that almost everything in the world, robotic or otherwise, is trying to put an end to you.

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Prototype Red & Blue Data Sheds More Light On Pokémon’s Origins

We could have been catching Capsule Monsters instead.

Similar to the previously unearthed prototype designs for Pokémon Gold & Silver, further discoveries seem to have been made about original Pokémon Red & Blue monsters. A fresh batch of prototype assets has been published by Helix Chamber which includes clearer, better-quality versions of previously uncovered goodies.

The whole story surrounding the anonymous origins of these prototypes should have keen pokéstorians on their guard, as it did Helix Chamber when the fan group was first approached, but the authenticity of the sprites has been independently verified against other data – all these assets appear to be legitimate.

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Awesome Pea Is Rolling Onto Switch At The Start Of March

Busting for some retro platforming?

Coming from Sometimes You on 1st March, Awesome Pea embraces the classic platformers and green monochrome of the original Game Boy screen, as you’ve quickly deduced from the screenshots and the trailer above.

You’ll be rolling through the terrain and dungeons of the Awesome Islands in glorious widescreen, collecting coins and avoiding all manner of spikes and enemies.

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