Warframe On Switch Just Got A Cross Platform Play Update

“Bringing together Tenno from across the globe”.

Remember last July when Digital Extremes announced it would be adding cross-play and cross-save support to its hit free-to-play title, Warframe? Well, cross platform play is now officially available.

In a new update, the company announced cross platform play was finally supported for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (December 3rd)

Splatting, catching and slashing.

“How many different franchise can we feasibly hear news about this week?” We might have asked on Monday here at Nintendo life. The answer: all of them.

The past seven days have seen us reporting on the new Mario movie trailer, breaking down the intricacies of Splatoon 3‘s new update, reporting on Nintendo Switch Sportsgolf addition, putting a positive spin on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with 14 things the games get right, and, as always, diving into some Zelda theories.

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Receives Its First Title Update On Switch

Fixes bug that prevented 100% completion & more.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope was an amazing game, but as many players progressed in the game they discovered they were unable to 100% the title. Fortunately, the team at Ubisoft has now addressed this in a patch update.

This update is roughly a 176MB update and comes with a number of fixes and plenty of quality-of-life updates. Here’s exactly what’s included, courtesy of the Ubisoft discussion boards:

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Video: 11 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch In December

Mario Kart 8 DLC Wave 3, Crisis Core & more.

We’ve made it to the final month of 2022, everyone! It’s been another action-packed year of gaming, and while we didn’t get everything we necessarily wanted, it was still a pretty good year on the Nintendo Switch front.

So, what’s there to look forward to in December? Well, apart from Inscryption, which is already out, some games to be on the lookout for include the retro throwback Super Kiwi 64 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe‘s third booster wave (yes, we’re counting it as its own thing). Then, later on in the month, we’ve got titles like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion and Lil Gator Game to look forward to.

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Guide: The Game Awards 2022: Where And When To Watch The Game Awards

It’s Geoffmas once more!

The Game Awards 2022 is just around the corner, and we’re ready to settle down with a warm glass of Mountain Dew and put out milk and cookies for Santa Geoff as he gets ready to drop a bag of trailers down our chimneys. It may seem like slim pickings for Nintendo this year, but the Switch isn’t doing too badly — and Nintendo is still the second-most-nominated publisher, behind Sony Interactive Entertainment and tied with Annapurna Interactive.

But if you’re wondering how to watch The Game Awards, exactly when it is, or how long it’ll run for, we’ve got you covered.

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Review: Soccer Story – A Football Adventure With Plenty Of Extra Time

Yes, it’s quite like Golf Story.

It’s a very normal part of the gaming industry for an out-of-the-blue smash hit to define a subgenre and, in the process, inspire a number of similar games. When Golf Story arrived on Switch in 2017, taking the RPG slant of Game Boy Color’s Mario Golf and pushing it in new directions, it set a particular tone for lighthearted narrative and a quirky take on its sport; inevitably, then, Soccer Story has drawn inspiration and applied similar ideas with its own spin on the beautiful game. We don’t make the comparison as a criticism, and indeed developer PanicBarn makes its own jokes and acknowledgements of its reference sources. The question then becomes whether Soccer Story has enough of its own ideas, and quality of execution, to become a worthy addition to this subgenre of pixel-based comedic sporting adventures.

The answer? Yes, it does, albeit with some caveats.

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Nintendo’s Huge Cyber Deals Sale Ends Soon, Up To 50% Off Switch eShop Games (North America)

First-party games include Mario, Zelda, and more.

Update: Nintendo’s huge Cyber sale ends this weekend, wrapping up at 11:59 pm PT on Sunday 4th December. Consider this your final warning to pick up some of these great deals – and remember to grab some of our discounted eShop credit to save even further on your favourite games (details below).

Original Article: Nintendo has announced a big Cyber Deals sale in North America, with discounts on a whole bunch of Switch games. The platform holder is offering up to 50% off and there are some big titles included.

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Review: Warp Drive – An F-Zero-Inspired Racer With Promise And Performance Woes

Show me ya moves!

Fun fact: if F-Zero GX—the last home console game in Nintendo’s seminal futuristic racing series—were a person, they would be old enough to vote now. Indeed, it’s been far too long since we’ve gotten a new F-Zero, which has led to copycats filling the void as best as they can. Some of these, like Fast RMX or WipEout Omega Collection, have done a great job of adding their own spin on that intense gameplay. Others, like Warp Drive, have fumbled the ball a bit. Warp Drive started as a mobile game a couple of years ago and now has made its way onto the Switch, but don’t let its origins immediately turn you off. Despite its shortcomings, there’s a genuinely enjoyable time to be had here; we only wish it could be more consistent.

Though Warp Drive is certainly a fast game, we would say that its gameplay has more in common with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe than it does with F-Zero or Fast RMX. Though you’re moving at lightspeed through gravity-defying courses, much of your success hinges on how effectively you can acquire and use items to give yourself an edge. Much like in Mario Kart, there are various points on the track where you can drive over a line of ‘warp crystals’ that will give you an item, though here the effect is not random. You can hold onto each crystal as long as you want, and each one can be used to either launch a missile, activate a short boost, drop a mine behind you, or teleport you to an alternate route on the track at specific points.

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Nintendo Releases Full Statement After Cancellation Of Smash World Tour

Update: Nintendo offers an explanation.

Update : We heard earlier this week that the unofficial Smash Bros. championships and upcoming tour would be cancelled with immediate effect after receiving a cease and desist notice from Nintendo.

This was expected to cost the tournament a huge amount of money in cancellation fees and seemed to be something of a U-turn for the brand which had previously operated under good terms with Nintendo’s licenses.

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Animal Crossing Style Game Hokko Life Gets A “Performance Update” On Switch

Next update “coming soon”.

If you enjoy lifestyle sims like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are looking for something else to play, now is a great time to revisit Team17’s Hokko Life. A new post on the publisher’s official website reveals the Nintendo Switch version of the game has just been updated.

Hokko Life made its debut on Nintendo’s hybrid system back in September, and has now been updated with some performance fixes (such as improving FPS drops) and resolved some pesky bugs. As part of this update, the team has also “laid the ground work” for the next game update, which will apparently be coming soon.

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