Video: Learn How To Be Victorious In The Switch Version Of Civilization VI

It’s all about winning.

Civilization VI isn’t the easiest of games to play and considering this is a genre and series that doesn’t often make its way to consoles, it’s easy to understand why Firaxis games and Nintendo are running video episodes for the upcoming release, teaching viewers how to play.

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Digital Dreams Apologises For “Missing” Teams In Mutant Football League, Will Add To Game As DLC


If you’ve been playing Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition on the Nintendo Switch since its release last week, you may or may not have noticed the brutal and bloody American football style game is missing a couple of teams.

This complete edition is meant to include all of the DLC as well as exclusive teams and arenas. Yet somehow, Digital Dreams Entertainment forgot to add in the Purple Mutant Eaters & Hexxon Oilers. The publisher and developer behind the game has now released an apology via Facebook and said this issue will be resolved for North Americans by 9th November, when the two teams are added to the game as free DLC. Unfortunately, Europe is going to have to wait just a little bit longer:

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Competition: Take Part In The Pokémon Let’s Go Victory Road Quiz To Win Amazing Prizes

Win a console, copy of the game and Poke Ball Plus.

We know you love all things Pocket Monster-related, so we’ve teamed up with Nintendo UK and our pals at Gamer Network to create a competition where you – yes, you – can win amazing Pokémon-themed prizes, all in the name of celebrating the impending launch of Pokémon: Let’s Go! Eevee & Pikachu on Nintendo Switch.

All you have to do is take part in a short interactive quiz, hosted by none other than Nintendo Life’s Alex Olney. Up for grabs is a Switch console decorated with silhouettes of Eevee & Pikachu which comes complete with Eevee & Pikachu themed Joy-Con, a pre-installed copy of the game, a special dock with Pika & Eevee and a Poke Ball Plus controller.

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The 8BitDo GBros. Lets You Wirelessly Connect Your Battered GameCube Controller To Switch

Just in time for Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Just in time for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, peripheral maker 8BitDo has announced that it’s bringing out a special adapter that allows you to wirelessly connect your classic GameCube pad to Nintendo’s latest system.

The device – which also works with Windows PCs – connects via Bluetooth and offers around 30 hours of play during a single charge.

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Switch Is Getting The Most Complete Edition Of This War Of Mine Yet

New version developed exclusively for Nintendo’s machine.

11 bit studios and Deep Silver have announced today that the critically-acclaimed anti-war survival game This War of Mine is coming to Switch in its most comprehensive edition yet.

Originally released in 2014, This War of Mine has been expanded with new scenarios, settings and characters in the years since, and has earned widespread acclaim for its gritty, heartbreaking and brutally uncompromising portrayal of how war destroys the lives of innocent people, both young and old.

The Switch edition – which was revealed a while back and, we’re told, has been developed exclusively for Nintendo’s system – will include all of the DLC released so far: “Father’s Promise”, “The Little Ones.” and “War Child” – the latter of which continues to raise funds for the UK-based charity of the same name which is focused on aiding children living in active war zones. It has also been confirmed that this new version will get all upcoming DLC free of charge.

This War of Mine Complete Edition launches on Switch on November 27th. Let us know if you’ll be downloading it by posting a comment below.

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