Conan Unconquered is an RTS coming from Petroglyph

Conan’s gamelords Funcom have announced that the barbarian’s fantasy land is to host a real-time strategy game, Conan Unconquered, made by Petroglyph Games. Petroglyph the studio founded by several former Command & Conquer folks, who’ve since come on to make games including Grey Goo and Star Wars: Empire At War. Conan Unconquered sounds a curious one, with base-building and wall-raising and armies and all that… in service of surviving waves of enemy attackers. It’s a wave-survival RTS. And it has two-player co-op. And you can summon honking great monsters like that ↑ bronze chap to help. Huh!


Company Of Heroes 2 is free if you grab it now

To celebrate Company Of Heroes 2‘s fifth birthday (its fifth birthday… six months ago?), Sega are giving Relic’s World War 2 real-time strategy sequel away for free on Steam. Grab it by Monday and it’s yours for keepsies. They did the same with its fourth birthday last year but it’s still nice for people who didn’t know CoH last year, or didn’t know it well enough to be invited to its birthday party, leaving them in an awkward position when their pals start talking about antics from the party then go quiet when they remember you weren’t invited. “It’s fine,” you said, “I don’t know them that well.” This year you do, my friend. This year you do. Get in.


Priceless Play – 7 December 2018

It’s December now, and I’ve already burned through a barrage of Netflix-original Christmas romantic comedies. To be fair, it’s not just the holiday season that puts me into the romcom spirit but it is a good catalyst. Whether it’s You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Groundhog Day or The Holiday and The Christmas Prince, hook me up to an IV and put the popcorn on. I am here for these questionable displays of romantic affection from men with chiseled jaws, dark hair, and other indistinguishable features.

If you, unlike me, don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to consume romcoms en masse and ad nauseum (even I have my off days), perhaps some short dating sims are more your speed. They can pack the same punch — and if you don’t have the time to boot up a BioWare game, sometimes you can get there in 1/10th the time. Here are a few quick ones to get you into the lovey-dovey holiday spirit.


The RPS Omnibus: A roundup of our features and reviews

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