Ace Attorney’s localisation team shares a peek behind the wordplay curtain

Lawyer ‘em up Ace Attorney isn’t technically a PC game yet, but it will be come April 9th, and in anticipation Capcom have been putting up blogs about various aspects of the point-and-shout games. Most recently, Janet Hsu from the localisation team has dug into the game’s famous (and often groan-worthy) puns, explaining how they get from Japanese wordplay to English witticisms.

It does include spoilers for the third game in the trilogy, Trials And Tribulations, so proceed with caution if you’re still waiting to be able to play them from your desktop.


Overwatch says its bad behaviour is down by 40%, but that doesn’t tell the full story

At GDC this week, Blizzard gave a talk discussing the endorsement system that they added to Overwatch last summer, claiming that it reduced bad behaviour in the first person shooter by 40%. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, even if we take Blizzard’s own numbers totally at face value, it’s that remaining 60% you’re actually going to notice playing the game and interacting with the community.


Suda 51 returns to pen Super Fire Pro Wrestling World story DLC

Spike Chunsoft have announced Killer7 director Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) will be returning to an old haunt to pen new story DLC for wrestleman sim Fire Pro Wrestling World. I’m not normally much for wrestling games, but even I can appreciate this series, formerly by Human Entertainment. Snappy action, powerful character creation and a history of surprisingly heavy story modes. I’m expecting great, possibly unsettling things from new DLC ‘The Vanishing’, after the utterly bleak ending of Fire Pro Wrestling Special for the SNES, which I WILL SPOIL BELOW.


Mortal Kombat 11 makes it cool to be a Noob

I hold great respect for the Calvinball nonsense that is Mortal Kombat canon. Once a silhouetted joke fighter named after the developers, dark ninja Noob Saibot has grown into an actual character in the new trilogy. NetherRealm have just unveiled his latest incarnation in Mortal Kombat 11, and he looks as delightfully over-the-top as you’d expect. I’d almost be able to take him seriously, were it not for his amazingly goofy voice, sounding like a hybrid of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget and the hooded cultist from Harvester. Check out his shadow-clone fighting style below.


Out Of The Park Baseball 20 slides home

I made a few vows in remembrance of our former Adam (RPS in peace): I will try to understand grand strategy games; I will sneak one single ciggy after the company AGM; I will post about the release of new baseball games. Such as Out Of The Park Baseball 20, the latest in the management sim series I know Adam had a soft spot for, which launched today. Oh Adam. I could almost swear I saw Adam playing a baseball game on ye olde RPS Steam account the other night. The mind sees what it wants to see.