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Streets Of Red Is The Latest Indie Game To Find Huge Success On The Switch

“Thanks again for the kind words and helping to make a dream come true”.

A couple weeks ago, a game called Streets of Red – Devil’s Dare Deluxe came to the Switch eShop, bringing a fun retro beat ‘em up game that’s great to play with friends. We really liked it, although the game was admittedly a rather niche and minor release that had gone mostly unnoticed in the massive stream of games that are constantly pouring onto the Switch. Even so, it seems that the game turned out to be a surprise success, as the developers recently shared a message with fans thanking them for all the support.

Tobe from Secret Base recently spoke with Destructoid about the game, saying that it made back the production cost in just ten days, while promising that more content will be coming to the game at a later date. Here’s what he said:

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Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review

Nintendo’s new line of cardboard “build, play, and discover experiences” is aimed at “those who are young and young at heart.” The $70 Labo Variety Kit definitely fulfills the first part of that promise: in the hands of a child, its five buildable toys take on an entirely new dimension that blends the digital and physical worlds of play. For the average adult, though, building can be tedious and not particularly challenging, and the games you play and activities you do with these fragile toys mostly lack real substance.

As a concept, Labo’s DIY accessories are particularly interesting for a few different reasons: There’s a hint of alchemy that Nintendo has created by mixing both the digital and physical worlds of play, but there’s also a pretty big educational element to it. Not only does Labo let you build fun things like pint-sized cardboard pianos, it also provides a ton of insight into the technology behind how these bizarre accessories work because you have to assemble them piece by piece.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Miramar Map Now Available on Test Server

One of the hottest games on Xbox One is about to get hotter as Miramar, the desert-themed map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is now available to play on a dedicated test server, ahead of its launch in the Xbox Game Preview version of the game in late May.

To access the Miramar test server, download the standalone “PUBG Test Server” client directly from the Microsoft Store and prepare to experience the latest addition to the most intense battle royale game on Xbox One. Note, you must own PUBG on Xbox One to download and access the Miramar test server.

PUBG Miramar Map Screenshot

The Miramar test server will include the new map, as well as new vehicles and weapons. As the map is in a pre-general release period of development during the test server period, some aspects of the map may not function as expected. Connection to the Public Test Server will only be available during specific periods and players may experience extended wait times due to a limited pool of players. You can find more details about the Miramar test server at:

During the test period and beyond, the PUBG Community Team will be actively listening and responding to player feedback, so please be sure and share your comments, questions and concerns to the PUBG forum listed above.

PUBG Miramar Map Screenshot

In keeping with the community-driven development we’ve built the game upon, we’re looking forward to receiving input from the PUBG Xbox community and using that feedback to help us optimize and tweak the overall gameplay experience.

Thank you again for your support throughout PUBG’s development in Xbox Game Preview. Our goal to bring fans the ultimate battle royale game on Xbox One relies on making the community an integral part of the ongoing process of optimizing the overall PUBG experience. Being part of this early Miramar test helps us deliver on our commitment to bringing players high-octane action on new maps as we near its general availability on the Xbox Game Preview version in late May.

See you in the game!

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Review: Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)

“You don’t own that plane! The taxpayers do!”.

There once was a time when the 3D combat flight simulator was the genre of choice for seasoned players; during the 16-bit revolution, home computers like the Amiga and Atari ST played host to the likes of Falcon 3.0, F-15 Strike Eagle and Starglider, all of which used very basic filled polygon visuals to create the sensation of flight. Later, titles like X-Wing, Wing War, Ace (or Air, depending on where in the world you are) Combat, TFX and Strike Commander took the genre to new visual heights, but it’s impossible to deny that the basic graphics of the ’80s still hold an undeniable charm, even today. It’s that nostalgic feeling that Sky Rogue feeds on, but thankfully there’s enough gameplay to be found underneath the boxy aircraft to make it worth sticking with.

Sky Rogue hits all the right notes from a control perspective. The default system – “Arcade” – keeps things as basic as possible; pushing left or right on the analogue stick turns your craft without too much effort, making it easier for novices. However, turning this off offers a more authentic interface; pushing left or right now causes your plan to spin in that direction, and you need to combine this with up and down to perform banking turns – just like a real pilot. While the “Arcade” mode is easier to get to grips with, you’ll want the full-fat experience if you really want to master the game.

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Robocraft to bury loot boxes and return to the tech-trees


It would seem that the merest mention of premium loot crates is enough to raise hackles these days, least considering the recent slew of games either having completely excised them (Battlefront 2) or are in the process of doing so (Middle Earth: Shadow of War). The next game to step up is Freejam’s free-to-play build n’ shooter Robocraft, which is returning to the tech-tree based progression model of its early days, with nary a dice-roll in sight.


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The Boys are Blocky Now: FFXV skin pack for Minecraft

Cubism: The next frontier in selfies.

Minecraft is a strange phenomenon in gaming. Like a towering skyscraper, the mind stops recognizing it as a place for humans to inhabit, and it just becomes part of the landscape. Every now and then, something recognizable pokes out of a window and you’re forced to re-assess your outlook on the world. In this case, it’s the boys, girls and monsters of Final Fantasy XV, as they make a cameo appearance in the Windows 10/Cross-platform edition of the game.


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New Preview Alpha 1805 System Update – 4/25/18

Starting at 2:00 p.m. PDT today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha Ring will begin receiving the latest Xbox One system update (1805.180422-0811). Read on for more about the New Features, fixes and known issues in the latest system update.

New Features:


Xbox Insider Blog post on the 1805 features:




  • We have fixed an issue in which some users are unable to navigate away from a Club page.


  • Fixed an issue when searching via Guide and changing the filer results in being unable to access the virtual keyboard.


  • Fixed and issue where attempting to access Button Mapping and Vibration did not launch the Xbox Accessories app.


Known Issues:



  • Some users may experience intermittent loss of Audio with certain configurations of AV receivers with ATMOS or with changing audio configurations during console use.


  • Pi-hole users may encounter issues signing in, creating, or recovering accounts upon downloading the 1804 update. This is due to a new configuration file which is downloaded from a URL Pi-hole blocks by default.
  • Workaround: Add to the Pi-hole allowed IP address list.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.


  • Some users may notice the Gamerscore icon is missing in their profile when using the Light Theme or Theme schedule.


  • Some users may encounter an issue with their WiFi connection when resuming the console from standby where it will not connect to their network.
  • Workaround: Please reboot the console
  • Some users may be seeing a “Local cache is full” message when powering on their console. This is due to the Wi-Fi bug above.

Navigation and Selection in Menu’s

  • Users are unable to select an action in menus.  This means users are unable to:
  • Cannot move/copy content in Network transfer or locally from the internal HDD to an external HDD
  • Set a default disk to install content if they have more than one drive attached
  • Therefore you are unable to set external HDD as default install location if your internal HDD is set


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New Preview Alpha 1805 System Update – 4/21/18

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A tactical pearl lies beneath BattleTech’s sea of treacle


In my BattleTech review yesterday, I focused on the ways in which Harebrained Schemes’ long-awaited boardgame adaptation sadly wasn’t the big ‘bots at war experience I’d hoped for, but I want to go into more detail about why, as I put it, “I don’t think that redemption is impossible.” The tactical core of BattleTech’s fights is fascinating, compelling and uniquely mech-y, even if the glacial pacing and drab presentation drove me spare.