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Spec Ops: The Line devs announce sci-fi PvPvE shooter The Cycle

20 mercenaries will land on a pretty planet to complete quests, tussle with alien wildlife, and maybe murder each other a bit across 20-minute rounds in The Cycle, a new multiplayer FPS coming from Spec Ops: The Line and Dreadnought studio Yager. “OH IS THAT BATTLE ROYALE?” you started typing before even finishing reading the preceding sentence, you little scamp, and nnno it doesn’t sound like it? Influenced by the new hotness, probably, but we’re starting to move beyond straight Plunkbuts and more into games running with little threads of the genre – see Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown too. The Cycle is due later this year so, for now, come watch this pretty announcement trailer. (more…)

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Review: Mugsters (Switch eShop)

All your base are belong to us.

There’s something to be said about the bizarre human tendency for mayhem, to break things in bombastic and exciting ways, and Mugsters does a great job of tapping into that chaotic desire. Dropping you onto an island in the midst of an alien invasion, Mugsters is all about creating messes and causing explosions, although it tends to get a little too caught up in the madness for its own good. Still, there’s plenty to love here, and we haven’t played anything else quite like it.

Gameplay in Mugsters could be most closely described as a mixture of Grand Theft Auto with puzzle elements. You run around, punch aliens, drive cars into walls, and blow stuff up to progress, which can make for a deliciously chaotic experience. Each level places you in a small and self-contained island sandbox in which you’re expected to fulfill certain objectives. There’s a main objective — which could involve destroying satellites, generators, or other alien hardware — a few green crystals to collect and a few humans to save. None of these objectives are technically mandatory, you just need to make it to an aeroplane somewhere in the island and escape to clear it, though they are required for unlocking later levels and other content, like time trials.

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Sign up to the RPS Supporter Program and get 4 free games

The RPS Supporter Program has grown up. As of last week, signing up for a six or twelve month stint as one of our favourite readers gets you an officially ads-free version of the website alongside extra articles and free stuff. You can read more and sign up over here, but this article is specifically about the free stuff you’ll get. Things like: 4 free games, 1 God, 1 hat, and 1 frosty horse. Read on for more details.


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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 Review

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection is an absolutely fantastic compilation that contains the first four Mega Man X games. The first three alone are some of the best video games ever made for the Super NES and are still coveted by fans. Mega Man X4 was a bit more divisive when initially released, but I found myself enjoying it despite the surprising evolution in the art style. I’m incredibly happy to have this well executed compilation in my library of modern consoles and available on the go.

Not only is this a collection of superb ports, but it also adds several features that will be a pleasant surprise for longtime fans. The Museum features artwork, the original Japanese Rockman X trailers, photos of Mega Man X collectibles, all the music from each game, and even the Day of Sigma animated short that shipped with Maverick Hunter X on the PlayStation Portable. You can also choose to play either the US or Japanese versions of any of the included games.

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Daemon X Machina Avoids Photorealistic Visuals In Favour Of Colourful Anime Art

A unique look.

Earlier this month, the producer of Daemon X Machina, Kenichiro Tsukuda, said there was nothing noticeably distinctive – in terms of visuals – about a lot of modern video game releases. He said a lot of games were starting to look more similar and hoped players of his own upcoming title would appreciate its unique aesthetics.

In an interview with the Japanese website 4Gamer – translated by Nintendo Everything, Tsukuda provided more information about his project’s visual direction, explaining how the team avoided taking a more photorealistic route and instead opted with a colourful anime and comic book art style:

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Random: Return To The ’90s With This Super Mario All-Stars VHS Released By Nintendo UK

Old school cool.

In 1993, Nintendo UK gave out a Super Mario All-Stars promotional video in the form of a VHS. Despite how odd this might sound by modern standards, at the time it was a relatively normal way of marketing video games and various other forms of entertainment to younger audiences. 

The low-budget and incredibly ’90s production was hosted by Craig Charles – known around the same time for playing Dave Lister in the science-fiction comedy, Red Dwarf. This VHS has now been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety by fellow Nintendo Life contributor and video game journalist, Chris Scullion, as part of a preservation project. 

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