Riot Games declare new company values, continue to miss the point

Riot Games have unveiled a new set of company values, intending to look forward to a bright and friendly future following last year’s public dissection of their garbage workplace culture of harrassment and exclusion. The League Of Legends developers say the manifesto they wrote in 2012 “served us well for many years, but didn’t evolve along with us.” What they continue to miss is that their company values–the actual values their company fostered and hushed protestations against, rather than any values they might claim to have–did not serve all people well, only those who thrived in that environment. Rewriting a webpage doesn’t mean anything when their actions demonstrate they’re unwilling to make big changes.


Katana Zero cuts to the chase in March

There are few thrills as videogamey as weaving through a barrage of very deadly bullets in slow motion. Katana Zero looks to have that in spades, plus the never-not-cool ability to deflect bullets with your sword, back to their unwitting owners. Askiisoft’s samurai platform slasher has been on my radar for a while now, thanks to looking like a blend of Hotline Miami and Samurai Gunn, and today’s trailer has me itching to play it. The pseudo-80s ‘neo-noir’ aesthetic may be a well worn groove at this point, but synths, swords and slow-mo still makes a potent cocktail. Take a peek below.


Metro Exodus’s summer map is fun, but it’s at its best when you go back underground

I was told before playing Metro Exodus that, as with the previous Metro games, it is important to think before you act. Seize every quiet opportunity to craft another med kit, a molotov, another filter for your mask. Continually take stock of your, er, stock. And it’s true, there is grim satisfaction in sneaking up behind a weird anti-electricity pseudo-Christian cultist and knocking him out without making a sound. In disarming the noisemaker traps before you run into them. In taking out a ghoul-like Humanimal with a throwing knife to the head, and pulling the knife out to use on something else. Reduce, reuse, recycle, as they say.

But it’s also good to pull out a sawn-off shotgun and blast a Humanimal in the face with it, alerting all the other Humanimals in the area so you can faceblast them as well.


Tech Support: Error Unknown lets you ask people to turn it off then on again

What if tech support helpline jobs weren’t a crushingly unhappy grind for poor pay but a gateway to a world of intrigue? You can catch a glimpse of that in the Tech Support: Error Unknown free demo released today. It’s one of those games where your whole view is presented as a computer desktop–Uplikes, as the genre is known far and wide in honour of Uplink–and we play with a variety in-game applications and scripted responses to resolve customers’ issues to their satisfaction.


Skater XL claims to be a skateboarding sim, but is it realistic?

I am an excellent skateboarder. In the year 2000, I took my skateboard to school and showed everyone in class what the “trucks” were. They were astounded and definitely did not ridicule me. Since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I have been an eminent skateperson in the virtual realm too. I am the 44th best player of OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Ollywood (on the PlayStation 4). I am the only one at RPS who knows how to sundergrind. It’s a thing, but don’t google it, it’s under a lot of other results.

So I am happy to play Skater XL, a skateboarding sim that recently came to early access on Steam, because I must show you how unrealistically it presents the hobby which I love, the pastime at which I excel without peer. It is a shocking distortion of the sport.