Community: What’s The Best Switch eShop Game We Missed? (February 2024)

Your favourite game for eShop Selects.

It’s back! We’re almost at the end of February already — yes, even with the extra day in this fine Leap Year.

Our monthly Nintendo Life eShop Selects will be landing this coming weekend for February, but for 2024, we also want you lovely readers to pick your favourite eShop game from that we’ve missed out on at NL Towers.

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Inti Creates’ Gunvolt Records: Cychronicle Temporarily Removed From Switch eShop (US)

Back soon!

Inti Creates has today announced that its recently released musical rhythm game GUNVOLT RECORDS: Cychronicle has been temporarily removed from the North American Switch eShop.

Revealed in a tweet from the studio, Inti Creates stated that the removal was down to a “change in ratings”. The team is endeavouring to get the issue sorted and the game reinstated on the eShop as soon as possible.

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New Metroidvania From CERN Physicist Focuses On The Wonder Of Science

Yeah, science!

Do you like Metroidvanias? Do you like science? You do?! Well good news, because the two are combining in Exographer, an upcoming adventure title from Abylight Studios and SciFun Games.

Imagined by CERN physicist and sci-fi author Raphael Granier de Cassagnac, Exographer is a Metroidvania that ditches combat for science-based puzzles in which you utilise four distinct powers to uncover secrets hidden within the strange, atmospheric environment.

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Publisher Midnight Works Allegedly Targeting YouTuber For Calling Out Its “Scam” Switch Games

“This is stooping to new lows”.

YouTuber Luke Wild of channel SwitchStars — which focuses primarily on highlighting low-effort, low-quality games to avoid on Switch eShop — has published a video detailing what he believes to be an attack on his channel orchestrated by the publisher Midnight Works.

The Moldovan company is responsible for much of the software Wild has covered in recent years. In the video (see below — please note, it contains swearing), he shows messages he received via Discord tipping him off to a request allegedly sent to Midnight Works staff asking them to submit false reports to YouTube.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Estimated Switch File Size Revealed

Make some space.

Arguably one of the most exciting announcements during Nintendo’s Partner Showcase was the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. It revives the OG Battlefront games and even adds some new content and characters like Kit Fisto.

If you’re wondering just how much space you’ll need, the US and UK eShop listings have revealed the estimated Switch file size as 25.4GB. Here’s a refresher on what exactly is included in this updated package:

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Poll: Box Art Brawl – Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness


Welcome folks, to another episode of Box Art Brawl!

Last time, we looked at Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis for the Nintendo DS. We’d love to say it was a close call, but it really wasn’t. North America and Europe teamed up to take on Japan, with the Western design winning with a resounding 87% of the vote. Crikey.

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Lady Gaga Joins Fortnite Festival Season 2

“Get ready to go gaga”.

Season 2 of Fortnite Festival is now underway and as part of this the “legendary superstar” Lady Gaga (known for smash hits such as ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Just Dance’) has joined in on the fun as the festival icon.

From now until 22nd April 2024, you’ll be able to participate in the new festival pass ‘Unlock your talent’, and receive new instruments, jam tracks, and much more. This pass has a free tier as well as a premium reward track upgrade.

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Poll: What Switch Online Rare Game Are You Playing This Weekend?

Five more titles have joined the service.

Five more Rare games have this week joined Nintendo’s Switch Online + Expansion Pack service. The first four titles are available in the base tier and the N64 release Blast Corps is available in the premium tier subscription.

With these games now available on the service, it’s got us wondering which one you’ll be playing the most this weekend, or if you’ll be playing some or all of them equally.

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