Records mode makes Total War: Three Kingdoms less romantic

By default, Total War: Three Kingdoms doesn’t look like a gritty, realistic simulation of ancient Chinese warfare. Sure, the political and espionage systems make my head spin, but its heroic generals give it some of the same feel as Total War: Warhammer. Enter Records mode, an alternate, more historically accurate way to play Three Kingdoms. Creative Assembly’s new mode reduces generals back to mere mortals, assigns them bodyguards to keep them safe, and makes battles a slower, more strategic affair. See how it works in the videos below, including a 23 minute battle.


Anthem’s Microtransactions: Everything You Need to Know

The first week of microtransactions are currently available in Anthem, and if you don’t feel like earning them for free, they’ll set you back $30 USD. They can be earned in-game if you’d rather not pay to acquire them, but here’s what you can get today:

  • 61,000 coin or 850 shards – Epic Guardian Armor Pack for the Ranger
  • 61,000 coin or 850 shards – Epic Dreadnought Armor Pack for the Colossus
  • 18,000 coin or 400 shards – Epic Gum on Shoe Entrance Animation for the Colossus
  • 12,000 coin or 300 shards – Uncommon Graphic: Midnight Shield Vinyl
  • 12,000 coin or 300 shards – Rare Metal: Diamond Plate Texture
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Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming and looks rather chilly

Apparently the Darkest Dungeon wasn’t the darkest after all, because they’ve gone and found another, darker one up a mountain – yep, Darkest Dungeon 2 is on the way. Red Hook Studios aren’t ready to give any dates, but they did share a few vague thoughts on the sequel with RPS fan-site PC Gamer. A familiar roster of heroes are lined up to go up some mountains, possibly filled with madness, in search of more cursed loot to hoard, and yet another cosmic evil to vanquish. Expect the return of the deliciously over-the-top narrator – hear him boom in the teaser below.


Unrest. Finally! Riot: Civil Unrest is Available Now on Xbox One

Riot’s story began with Leonard Menchiari who experienced the rioting first-hand in Italy during the NoTav protests, (the NoTav protests opposed the building of a high-speed railway from Turin in Italy, to Lyon in France). Protestors were opposed to the destruction of the landscape, the potential pollution and the overall cost of this project. Leonard spoke with both protestors and police, discovering what drove people to take a stand and how officers empathized (and in some cases agreed), with protestors but had to maintain order and safety. Leonard decided to use his background in filmmaking and love of video games to tell these stories through an interactive experience and Riot: Civil Unrest was born.

Riot: Civil Unrest

We’re all incredibly proud of all the work that has gone into Riot and we’re particularly proud of the jaw-dropping pixel-art. One of the major challenges we faced was to make the crowd look genuine; many games that feature crowds have a lot of identical characters repeated over and over again. We wanted to create a genuine crowd of unique individuals. To achieve this, the team came up with a clever algorithm which chose from the vast range of trousers, tops and accessory options to create a 100% unique crowd of people. Not only do our crowds look genuine but their movement is excellent too. Using clever AI, our developers made it so that instead of moving as blocks they move in a far more fluid way. Individuals use space as real people would, filling gaps as they appear and resisting movement when it is blocked. They can swarm around an objective or flee from danger.

Riot: Civil Unrest

Sound is another area that had an incredible amount of work put into it. Our sound designer, Michele Postpischi, (who lives near the NoTav valley), went to impressive lengths to capture the realism and chaos Riot wanted to convey. Michele would travel to abandoned and disused buildings and record the sounds of things being broken, such as a pane of glass being struck with a piece of 2×4.

Riot: Civil Unrest

By their very nature, riots are an emotive subject. That is why we try to be extremely careful in our portrayal of these stories. We are aware that people’s opinions will differ, so we decided to take a neutral and non-political stance. Although we set up each of Riot’s scenarios, we always advise the user to research these subjects themselves and encourage them to form their own opinion. Riot has four main campaigns to play through and understand; NoTav (Italy), Indignados (Spain), the Arab Spring (Egypt) and Keratea (Greece). We’ve also included over thirty single scenarios which include the Oakland shooting riots, as well as the Paris and London riots.

Riot: Civil Unrest

I along with my team genuinely hope you enjoy the experience Riot: Civil Unrest has to offer, we’ve worked on this for some time and are absolutely amazed at the level of love shown for this title. If I were to leave you with one tip it would be to consider your strategy wisely. Aggressive tactics may yield results early on but may harm you in the long run; if you’re aggressive, aggression may be expected from you next time, making success more difficult to achieve. Or public opinion could turn on you, giving your opponents a heightened sense of alertness.

Riot: Civil Unrest is available now on Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.

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Random: Plush Neo Geo Mini Arrives To Steal Your Heart And Wallet

Falling asleep at the arcade was never this comfy.

We’re as partial as the next gamer to quality video game merch, however needless or useless it may be. Make a cool, smaller version of some retro hardware and we’ll snap it up, as the growing collection of mini consoles around the Nintendo Life offices attests. We’re also not averse to tiny rubber versions on key chains.

SNK reckons there’s a gap at the other end of the market, though. “Let’s a make a big mini” said somebody in an office somewhere, “and let’s make it a plush.” It seems nobody told this person to stop being silly, so say hello to the snappily-named ‘NEO GEO Mini BIG Plush Doll’.

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