Random: Story Of Seasons’ Photo Mode Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Bumholes and crotches and legs, oh my.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is a pleasant, relaxing little farm simulation game, where players can gently explore a town, raise livestock, and have a lovely old time.

Every now and again, though, you’ll have to wait through a loading screen – and loading screens are boring! They’re just a blank image most of the time, or worse, a black screen. But XSEED is one step ahead, folks – they’ve decided to show the photos of other people playing the game, so you have something nice to look at.

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PS5 named official console of the NBA 2K League

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the NBA 2K League that makes PS5 the official console of the NBA 2K League. Starting this month and into the league’s fourth season tipping off this May, you will see all 23 NBA 2K League teams and 138 players in the league compete on PS5 during games and events.

And the partnership doesn’t stop there! The multiyear deal with the NBA 2K League will also give you, our global community of fans, the opportunity to take part in online fan tournaments hosted by us throughout the year, featuring NBA 2K League‑related prizing. 

We are happy to announce that the first online fan tournament is taking place just next week! Starting now, PS5 players based in the United States can sign up to net a spot in an online Three for All Showdown Qualifier tournament, taking place on Monday, April 5 – Tuesday, April 6*.

The winner of our online qualifier tournament will go on to compete in a 3-on-3 team with influencers Troydan and PoorBoySin in the second annual NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown competition from Friday, April 9 – Saturday, April 10 at 5:00pm Pacific Time / 8:00pm Eastern Time on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. This is a super exciting opportunity to be a part of the NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown event, which will feature NBA 2K League players, fans, WNBA players, and social media influencers, all competing in NBA 2K21’s “The City” game mode for a share of a $25,000 USD prize pool!

Whilst the PlayStation Three for All Showdown Qualifier online tournament is for PS5 players in the United States only, we have a lot of NBA 2K21 online tournaments coming to PS4 and PS5 very soon which will be open to our community of fans in regions all around the world. We can’t wait to share more on this soon!

You can also expect to see us collaborating with NBA 2K League on an exclusive custom content series that will run during NBA 2K League broadcasts and on the league’s social and digital channels: Twitter (NBA2KLeague), Instagram (nba2kleague), Facebook (NBA 2K League), TikTok (nba2kleague), Twitch (NBA2KLeague), YouTube (NBA 2K League) and NBA2KLeague.com.

Are you excited about our new partnership with NBA 2K League? Let us know in the comments! 

 *PS Plus membership required. Must be 16+ and resident of US. [4/2-4/10]. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. See full rules here.  

Mittelborg: City Of Mages Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Live

Mittelborg: City of Mages

Samustai LTD


Mittelborg is the heart of this world and thousands of swords are aimed at it. Monsters, nomads, mercenaries, living deads and rebellious spirits — Chaos does not sleep and besieges the Universe. Collect resources, get ready for tempests, keep guards on the walls and mages at the towers. While lots of blood are spilt, remember what is at stake. It is better to shed a gallon of blood than lose a single leaf from the Tree of Order.

Think and rule!
Mittelborg claims for your unfaltering watch, Chancellor! Different events enforce you to make hard decisions all the time. Whom will you sacrifice: a warrior or a mage? Do you execute or pardon? Spend aether on the repairs or upgrades of weapons? Power is a heavy burden. Will you protect the most sacred, or will you drench it in blood…

Fight, die, fight again!
Human life is worth nothing where waves of Chaos swamp the shores of Order. It is so easy to die here, and no one worries about tomorrow. No one but you! You are the immortal one. Each reborn is new knowledge. You hone the strategy and save all previous experience, and it will help you endure a little bit longer this time.

The world is huge.
You start a long and dangerous adventure. There will be dozens of worlds and hostile races, hundreds of unique events, thousands of intertwined destinies and stories… and you have to take all the risks and make the right choices.

Music – a powerful magic!
Sire, your rule is accompanied by 10 original orchestral soundtracks. Together with music, you are bound to succeed!

Product Info:
Developer: Armatur Games
Publisher: Samustai
Website: Mittelborg: City Of Mages
Twitter: @ArmaturGames

Affiliate commission may be earned from Microsoft if you click a link and make a purchase.

Mittelborg: City Of Mages Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S
Katana Kata Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S
Katana Kata Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Super Mario Bros. Sealed Copy Sells for Record-Breaking $660K

An incredibly rare plastic-sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES has sold at auction for a world record-breaking $660,000. That hefty price tag makes it the most expensive price ever paid for a video game collectible.

The copy of Super Mario Bros., sold this week by Heritage Auctions, is a copy from the game’s fourth printing run. This means that it did not have the “Game-Pak NES-GP” code and is missing the “™” trademark symbol normally seen to the right of “Nintendo Entertainment System,” which was officially added to all black boxes in early 1987.

Credit: Heritage Auctions
Credit: Heritage Auctions

“For Nintendo, it was just stuff they had to do internally, but collectors are using this information now,” Chris Kohler, editorial director at Digital Eclipse, tells IGN. “It’s not like a collector cares if there’s a “™” on their box or not, but it’s the ability to use that information to figure out what the earliest printings are.”

The copy of Super Mario Bros. ranks at a 9.6 on the WATA scale, a rubric commonly used to rate comic book value.

“So if you’re an expert in comics, you know a 9.6 is very hard to get on the WATA scale, especially for black box NES games because those are so old,” Kohler said. “They really narrowed it down to when was this copy on sale, when did Nintendo start tweaking parts of the box?”

[ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2014/03/18/13-awesomely-rare-nintendo-artifacts”]

Kohler notes that many of the players who grew up with classic video game franchises like Super Mario, Zelda, or Punch-Out are now comfortably in their 40s and 50s, and likely possess much more disposable income they can spend on collector’s items.

“The constraint of video game collection 20 or 30 years ago was that there just wasn’t a lot of money being thrown around. Stadium event copies would sell for $30,000 but because there would only be a small number who could pay that much. The fact that this [copy of Super Mario Bros.] sold for $660,000 means that there’s at least two people who would have paid over half a million dollars for it, probably more.”

[ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/02/15/nintendo-playstation-prototype-will-be-the-most-expensive-video-game-item-ever”]

Kohler added that this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. sold so high is in part because sealed copies have proven incredibly difficult to find.

“The fact that you just can’t find nice sealed copies of this kind of indicates that when something like this does come up you should probably jump on it,” Kohler said, noting that there are currently no known sealed copies of Super Mario Bros.’ first printing. “So I think there’s people who are jumping on it now thinking that it may go up and it probably will go up in the future and also just that they may never have an opportunity to buy one.”

The previous record price for a video game collectible was $360,000 for the unreleased Nintendo PlayStation prototype, which sold in February 2020. The highest price for a single copy of a game was $156,000 for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 in late 2020.

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Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer/auctioneer for IGN.

Feature: Best NES Games

The Top 50 NES games ever, as ranked by you.

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES (ness? nezz? enn-eee-ess?), is the archetypal home video game console. Sure, earlier machines such as the mighty Atari 2600 pioneered the basic concept of an under-the-TV console with interchangeable software and controller accessories, but the utilitarian design and hardware innovations of Nintendo’s 8-bit system set the stage for modern console gaming.

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Share of the Week: Expressions

Last week, we asked you to focus in on the detailed expressions of various heroes in the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog. From furiously furrowed brows to smiling faces, here are this week’s expressive highlights: 

Kratos flashes a ferocious face in combat in God of War, shared by GameonFocus

Ellie makes funny faces in the mirror in The Last of Us Part II, shared by rahlredd.

Venti from Genshin Impact has sparkling smile, shared by 00ezo.

Aloy gies a curious shrug in this share by NeoFulcrum.

Amicia’s face scrunches with emotion has she hugs her brother Hugo in A Plague Tale: Innocence shared by laviescobar1.

Sora chases butterflies with a delighted grin in this share by TurningtheKey.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Golden

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on April 7

Next week, we’re seeing gold. Whether it’s gleaming treasures or sunlit landscapes, share golden moments in the game of your choice using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.  

Want to share more of your epic photo mode moments? U.S. players can enter the Red Bull Capture Point competition* for the chance to win some thrilling prizes. See full details at redbull.com/capturepoint.

*Red Bull Capture Point Official Contest Rules:

THIS IS A SKILL CONTEST. MUST HAVE ACCESS TO PS4/5 CONSOLE, PLAYSTATION™NETWORK, TWITTER® ACCOUNT, AND THE PARTICIPATING GAME(S). Starts February 1, 2021, ends May 21, 2021. Open to legal US residents, 18+. To enter, capture in-game image and share on Twitter with #RedBullCapturePoint and #contest. All entries must be submitted by May 2, 2021. Limit: 18 entries per person. For prize categories, judging information, restrictions, and Official Rules: redbull.com/capturepoint. Sponsor: Red Bull North America, Inc., 1740 Stewart St., Santa Monica, CA 90404.

MLB The Show 21: Here’s What Comes in Each Edition

MLB The Show 21 is heading to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on April 20. You read that right, this year marks the first time the previously PlayStation-exclusive franchise is branching out and appearing on Xbox consoles as well. The game will be available in an array of editions, each of which gets you different extras. We have the full breakdown below. All editions are available for preorder now (see it at Best Buy).

Note that, unlike many games released during this transition period between console generations, there is no upgrade path between previous-gen and next-gen consoles for the standard edition of the game. The Jackie Robinson edition does get you the game both on previous-gen and current-gen consoles.

MLB The Show 21 Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Microsoft has announced that MLB The Show 21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch. So if you have an Xbox One, Series X, or Series S, you can play it on day one just by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass.

Preorder MLB The Show 21



Xbox One

Xbox Series X

You’ll notice that the pricing is in line with that of Sony’s previous cross-generation games: the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game cost $59.99, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions cost $69.99.

MLB The Show 21 Jackie Robinson Edition

MLB-The-Show-21-Jackie-Robinson-EditionPS4 / PS5

Xbox One / Series X

The Jackie Robinson edition includes a “dual entitlement,” which is a fancy way to say it works across console generations. This edition of the game comes with the following:

  • Duel Entitlement (via compilation disc)
  • Limited Edition Steelbook
  • Early Access (Launches April 16)
  • PlayStation will donate $1 to the Jackie Robinson Foundation for every Collector’s Edition sold in the United States**
  • 1 Diamond Choice Pack
  • 2 Gold Choice Pack
  • 10 The Show Packs
  • 1 Ballplayer Equipment Pack
  • 10,000 Stubs
  • Double Dailies
  • Immediate Access to Jackie Robison Bat Skin

MLB The Show 21 Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition

MLB-The-Show-21-Jackie-Robinson-Deluxe-EditionPS4 / PS5

Xbox One / Series X

The Jackie Robinson deluxe edition also can be played on last-gen and current-gen systems at no extra charge. It costs $15 more than the standard Jackie Robinson edition, and it includes the following:

  • Dual Entitlement
  • Limited Edition MLB The Show x New Era® 9FIFTY Cap
  • Limited Edition Steelbook
  • Early Access (Launches April 16)
  • PlayStation will donate $1 to the Jackie Robinson Foundation for every Collector’s Edition sold in the United States**
  • 1 Diamond Choice Pack
  • 2 Gold Choice Pack
  • 10 The Show Packs
  • 1 Ballplayer Equipment Pack
  • 25,000 Stubs™
  • Double Dailies
  • Immediate Access to Jackie Robinson Bat Skin

MLB The Show 21 Digital Deluxe Edition


Finally we have the digital deluxe edition. This version also works across console generations and includes the following:

  • Four days’ early access
  • Jackie Robinson bat skin
  • 2 Diamond Choice packs
  • 5 Gold Choice packs
  • 1 Ballplayer Equipment pack
  • 10 The Show packs. 25K Stubs
  • Double daily login rewards

MLB The Show 21 Preorder Bonus

Preorder a digital copy of the game from the Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store, and you’ll receive the following digital items:

PS4 and Xbox One

  • 10 The Show Packs

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

  • 10 The Show Packs
  • 5,000 Stubs

What’s New in MLB The Show 21?

[ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2021/02/01/mlb-the-show-21-announcement-with-fernando-tatis-jr-trailer”]

For starters, the cover athlete this time around is Fernando “El Nino” Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres.

In addition to appearing on Xbox platforms for the first time, MLB The Show 21 will feature cross-platform multiplayer, so you can play against anyone, regardless of what console they’re using. It also supports “cross progression,” which lets you pick up where you left off on another platform, even if it’s a different console generation.

As for what new features MLB The Show 21 will have, we don’t have much to go on. The game’s official description says it will offer modes for players of all skill levels. It will include Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty. You’ll also be able to play as new Legends. The development team says additional information will be presented in six “Feature Premier” streams, the first of which will arrive in March. So stay tuned.

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Chris Reed is a commerce editor and deals expert at IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.

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Xbox to Make Xbox Series X Mini Fridges After Winning A Twitter Competition

Xbox has won Twitter’s first-ever #BestOfTweet Brand Bracket Championship and, after a promise from Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg, will be making Xbox Series X Mini Fridges for the public.

Xbox was in a tough fight with Skittles in this championship battle, and won by only 1% after 341,731 votes. When it was coming down to the wire, Greenberg tried to rally Xbox fans by saying the company would make real Xbox Series X Mini Fridges if Xbox won.


This is another chapter in the Xbox Series X Fridge saga that began when Microsoft, perhaps in a nod to those like Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad and an example of why it won this contest, compared the size of its next-gen console to a refrigerator.

It didn’t end there, as Microsoft sent Snoop Dogg and iJustine an Xbox Series X Fridge and held an Xbox Series X Fridge sweepstakes that gave fans a chance to win one of these glorious kitchen appliances inspired by the Xbox Series X.

Following the victory, Greenberg thanked everyone for voting and shared that the “first [Xbox Series X Mini Fridge] will be filled with games & headed to our friends @Skittles of course!”

Skittles tried to rally its fans in a similar fashion, by promising to bring back lime skittles, but it appears the allure of a fridge shaped like an Xbox won out.

“Congratulations to @Xbox on the win,” Skittles wrote on Twitter. “Definitely a tough one, but a HUGE thanks to all of our friends, family, fans and #mcyt for rallying for SKITTLES. We love you all! (but what are we going to do with all these non-refundable limes we ordered? If only we had a fridge).”

Luckily, for Skittles and Xbox fans, there will be a chance to own your very own Xbox Series X Mini Fridge in the future.

[ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/03/16/xbox-series-x-size-compared-to-a-banana”]

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