New Alpha Ship Ahead 1904 Update – 12/10/18

Starting at 2:00 pm PST today, members of the Xbox One Preview Skip Ahead will begin receiving the latest 1904 Xbox One system update (rs_xbox_dev_flight.181206.1900). Read on for more about the latest and greatest fixes and known issues in this 1904 system update.  This build has the same features as newest 1811 and fixes in 1902 plus more to be announced over the coming months!




  • Additional fixes to improve the responsiveness of mouse performance to reduce lag.


  • Fixes to improve system performance.


Known Issues:



  • We are tracking audio issues in which some games have audio that cuts in and out
  • Audio settings reverting to a previous settings after taking an update. Workaround is to please turn on your Audio Receiver prior to turning your Xbox One and the settings will not revert.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

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Gory retro FPS Dusk rips and tears out of early access today

It might be Doom’s birthday today, but its enthusiastic young cousin Dusk is invited to the party, bunny-hopping out of early access today. They grow up so fast, and David Szymanski’s shooter has grown another two episodes in size since its debut in August last year, introducing new monsters and places to kill them in, plus a remarkably fun (if twitchy) deathmatch mode. The game has technically been complete in early access for a few days now. I got to play the final few levels over the weekend and loved them to bits. A launch trailer and my quick thoughts on the full game are below.


Dragon Age 4: Who is the Dread Wolf?

Thursday night’s Game Awards offered much in the way of glitz, glam, and game teasers — including an exclusive look at the fourth installment of BioWare’s blockbuster Dragon Age series. BioWare has been known to offer painstaking amounts of detail in their promo art which, if deciphered correctly, has the potential to unlock oodles of secrets about Thedas, character backstory, lore and more. Remember Inquisition’s character tarot cards?

Sure, maybe we didn’t get anything quite as lush as extensive character art, but Dragon Age fans are hungry. So we’ll take a 60 second trailer.

Even if those 60-seconds are sparse in some ways, they are rich in others. Sure, four seconds are devoted to BioWare’s logo, ten of them are a hashtag, and thirty seconds are spent in a slow pan over an ancient cursed idol… But those remaining sixteen seconds? Hoo boy. We’re graced with a real doozy of a promo image, coupled with a voiceover from a Dragon Age I major character. Does any of this give a clue into Dragon Age 4? Who is the Dread Wolf and why are they rising? What does it all mean?

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Rainbow Six Siege drops automatic bans in favour of human moderation

Players of esports darling Rainbow Six Siege can now swear to their hearts content, so long as they don’t mind their messages being forwarded to a moderation team. In a small developer blog post today, Ubisoft announced that they were rolling back a potentially over-zealous automatic ban feature intended to curb community toxicity. As of today, messages that would have previously earned a player a temporary time-out won’t be broadcast, and instead sent to be “reviewed for inappropriate conduct”. As funny as some auto-bans could be, this is probably for the best.