Samurai Shodown reboot hits Epic alongside its freebie predecessors

It may have sat untouched for years, but don’t for a second think that Samurai Shodown has let its blade rust. After being given a contemporary coat of paint, a 3D reboot of SNK’s swordfighter arrived on the Epic Games Store today. But this warrior doesn’t ride alone. For the next week, six Shodown entries from ages past are available to pick up and keep, free of charge.


Activision Investigating Why Modern Warfare’s Latest Patch is 80GB on Xbox For Some

Activision is looking into why the latest patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is 80GB for some players on Xbox systems.

With the Season Four update to Modern Warfare now live, the process of downloading yet another large update for the game is underway for players around the world.

For most people, the update is about 34GB but some Xbox players began to notice that the patch was supposedly 84.82GB. After players have voiced their concerns with the hashtag #80GB on Twitter, which was trending for a few hours, Activision has announced that it is looking into the issue.

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“We’re actively investigating an issue for Modern Warfare where some players on Xbox are seeing a larger than expected download for today’s update,” tweeted Activision.

You can check out the tweet below in the replies, you’ll find plenty of Xbox players upset about the amount of space the latest update requires.

Twitter isn’t the only place where Xbox players are voicing their concerns about the update’s size. A quick look at the Modern Warfare subreddit will net you plenty of posts with upset players, including a thread with over 2500 comments about the issue.

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This update size issue comes at a time where Modern Warfare has just undergone many new changes as part of the game’s fourth season. Read about all of the Season Four details for Modern Warfare and Warzone while downloading the update and then check out the Season Four trailer for a quick look at what’s new.

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Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @LeBlancWes.

Xbox Insider Release Notes –Beta, Delta and Omega Ring (2006.200610-0000)

Hey Beta, Delta and Omega ring users! Today’s Xbox Insider Release Notes highlight the latest fixes, known issues, and features coming to your console. Starting at 2 p.m. PT today, users will receive the latest 2006 Xbox One system update (build: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_200619041.3068.200610-0000). Keep reading for more details.

System Update Details:

  • OS version released: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_200619041.3068.200610-0000
  • Available: 2 p.m. PT – June 11, 2020
  • Mandatory: 3 a.m. PT – June 12, 2020

System Update

Fixes for Beta, Delta and Omega

We’ve heard your feedback, and we’re happy to announce the following fixes have been implemented for this 2006 build:


  • For users who are incorrectly seeing the “Sorry, you don’t have the rights for this” error, we’re implementing changes to gather more information to help investigate the behavior.
    • Note: If you encounter the behavior with the latest update, please submit feedback from the console even if you have reported it before.

Xbox Insider Release Notes

Known Issues for Beta, Delta and Omega

We understand some issues have been listed in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. These issues aren’t being ignored, but it will take Xbox engineers more time to find a solution. We appreciate your patience at this time!


  • Users who have Dolby Atmos enabled and console display settings set to 120hz with 36 bits per pixel (12-bit) are experiencing loss of Dolby Atmos audio in some situations.
    • Workaround: Disable 120hz or set Video Fidelity to 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) or lower.
  • Some users have reported that Dolby Atmos for Headphones audio setting changes when the console is rebooted/updated.
    • Note: If you attempt to set the audio to Dolby Atmos for Headphones and see a message advising you to launch the Dolby Access App, please file feedback before launching the app.

Game DVR

  • We are aware game clips (non-4K and 4K) are not recording at all or recording the incorrect length with recent updates. We are investigating.
    • Note: Make sure you report the behavior on the console as soon as you record the clip and notice either behavior.


  • When installing or updating a game/app, the installation progress bar may not show progress.  The issue is known and being investigated.
  • We’ve received reports that the Friends tab is not showing the correct status of online/offline friends.
  • Some users may notice that the Guide has changed appearance and functionality, this is expected behavior as there are certain experiences being flighted among a random subset of users in Preview.


  • Users are reporting that Message notifications that have been marked as read are re-appearing as new. We are aware and investigating the behavior.

My Games & Apps

  • Users have reported seeing black tiles instead of game artwork when browsing their collection.
    • Note: We are still investigating the issue, please report the issue again from the console if you have done so with a prior update and are still seeing this behavior.
  • Some titles in collection may appear with a “trial” tag incorrectly in collection.

Profile Color

  • Sometimes users may encounter the incorrect Profile color when powering on the console.

Are you not seeing your issue listed above? Make sure to use Report a problem to keep us informed of your issue. We may not be able to respond to everyone, but the data we’ll gather is crucial to finding a resolution.

Learn more about feedback and how each ring is differentiated in the following links:

For more information regarding the Xbox Insider Program follow us on Twitter and join the community subreddit for support and updates. Keep an eye on future Xbox Insider Release Notes for more information regarding your Xbox One Update Preview ring!

Xbox Insider Release Notes –Alpha Ring (2006.200610-0000)
Xbox Insider Release Notes –Beta, Delta and Omega Ring (2006.200609-0000)
Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring (2007.200609-0000)

Feature: Biped Producer On The Cute Co-op Platformer’s Journey To Switch

“We naturally took a lot of inspirations from various Nintendo games”.

Earlier today we reported that Biped, the cute robot puzzle platformer from NExT Studios, is coming to Switch on 2nd July. The game released a couple of months ago on PS4 and PC, but with its local cooperative gameplay and accessible controls, it sure looks tailor-made for Nintendo’s console.

Recently, we were fortunate enough speak with the game’s producer Dong Ding via email about the development of Biped (or biped, as it’s stylised), the upcoming online mode, and the challenges of the Switch version.

Read the full article on

Windbound takes Breath Of The Wild out onto the open sea

There’s always a bigger raft. At least, that’s how it goes in Windbound, which demonstrated some lovely open ocean boating in a new gameplay trailer during today’s Not-E3 festivities. First announced two months back, 5 Lives Studios’ next game is a sail ‘n’ survive with some serious Zelda vibes, set to land on Steam’s shores in a little over two months.


Modern Warfare Season Four is live. Here’s what you need to know

Captain Price has arrived in Special Ops, Multiplayer, and Warzone in the Season Four Battle Pass to help fight against the opposition in an ongoing battle in Verdansk. 

Season Four of Modern Warfare including Warzone features in-match updates in Warzone and more, new Multiplayer maps, new modes of play, and a 100 Tiers of content in this Season’s new Battle Pass system. 

Introducing Jailbreak, Fire Sale, and Supply Chopper to Warzone

Get more content in Warzone this season like new blueprints in the loot pool, new limited time modes, and new in-match mechanics.

During a Warzone Battle Royale match, you may encounter some new twists that provide unique opportunities to help your team to survive to the end of the match. Here’s an overview and tips on the three in-match Battle Royale updates in Season Four. 

  • Jailbreak – When a Jailbreak happens, all eliminated players (spectators and those in the Gulag) are redeployed back into the match. 
  • Fire Sale – Items at Buy Stations are discounted up to 80% off and redeploying a teammate is Free for sixty seconds. Loadout Drops are not discounted. 
  • Supply Chopper – A non-lethal helicopter with a high amount of health will appear in the sky. Take it down using ample ammo and rockets, if you have them, to be rewarded with a LOT of premium loot. 

Tips for Battle Royale Survival

  1. Jailbreaks can redeploy your squad even after you have all been eliminated. Consider sticking around until just before the Gulag closes to see if you’ll have a chance to re-enter the fight. 
  2. Taking down a Supply Chopper can be a lengthy process, especially if you don’t have a launcher. Consider positioning some of the squad members as lookouts to ensure you don’t get taken out by a rival while you’re aiming at the skies. 
  3.  A Fire Sale just may be too good to be true. If you’re the only squad member still alive in a contested area, rushing toward a Buy Station during a Fire Sale might result in a total squad wipe. Consider the risks and the rewards before you make your final decision.

Note that Jailbreaks, Supply Choppers, and Fire Sales, only occur during some Battle Royale matches. Many matches will not have a Jailbreak, Supply Chopper, or Fire Sale. 

Plus, free-to-play Warzone users can experience another Multiplayer Free Access Weekend on June 12 at 10 AM PT to June 15 at 10AM PT. It will include the latest 6v6 Multiplayer Maps Zhokov Scrapyard and Hardhat, as well as a few other fan-favorites. In addition, there will also be a Gunfight playlist during the Free Access Weekend featuring seven maps primed for fun, tactical and tension-filled engagements. 

More Multiplayer Experiences

Season Four serves up three new Multiplayer maps – Zhokov Scrapyard (Standard Multiplayer), Promenade (Ground War), and Trench (Gunfight). 

Zhokov Scrapyard, first seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, arrives on launch day primed for fresh combat and multiple engagements on this extremely versatile map. Medium in size, and designed for a variety of playstyles, this abandoned field littered with airplane parts will be a familiar hunting ground for Warzone players. Bring your Warzone tactics to Multiplayer and adjust your strategy as needed to excel in deathmatch and objective game modes. Here are three tips to help you best the enemy in Scrapyard: 

Tips for Scrapyard

  1. Some of the hulls of the planes in Scrapyard can be penetrated with the help of the FMJ attachment. Consider equipping it on your weapon of choice to take down enemies lurking inside the planes. 
  2. There are plenty of opportunities for close quarters combat in this tightly spaced map. When in doubt, equip the Breacher Device attachment which enables melee kills for any enemies that take you by surprise. 
  3. The center of Scrapyard where the planes lay waste can be a potential minefield – Proximity Mine field. Consider adding the Spotter perk to your loadout to see any enemy equipment through walls and hack them. 

Modern Warfare Season Four is live. Here’s what you need to know

Captain Price and the Season Four Battle Pass System

Purchase the Battle Pass to get instant access to Captain Price, a Legendary Operator and the newest Coalition member in Modern Warfare including Warzone. Preview the goods of the entire Battle Pass system by heading to the tab in-game to see what’s available to unlock. All players can earn two FREE weapons, just by playing – the Fennec SMG and the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle. 

Fennec (Tier 15) – One of the fastest firing SMGs in the Modern Warfare armory, the Fennec is fairly agile with decent control. To compensate for its smaller magazine size, bring the Munitions Box with you whenever you take the Fennec into battle. 

CR-56 AMAX (Tier 31) – A well balanced assault rifle that deals lethal damage, the CR-56 AMAX has a long list of attachments that will have you tinkering in Gunsmith to find your perfect configuration. Kit the weapon out for higher accuracy, longer range, or more mobility to test its versatility in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warzone.

Get More On PlayStation: Sony Exclusive* Modern Warfare Season Four Content 

Survival Talsik Backlot

Introduced as a Multiplayer Map in Season Three, fight to survive waves of enemies in Survival on Talsik Backlot. Backlot has multiple interior spaces and wide exterior spaces to fortify a stronghold and outlast the enemy. The Destroyed Building, an open two-story building, will give teams a high ground and minimize the entry points for attackers. Plus, the second story sightlines allow players to take out approaching assailants before they get too close.

Earn Exclusive Rewards including a New Weapon Blueprint in Missions (Multiplayer)

The Epic Cold Rift blueprint is a configuration of Submachine Gun Delta designed for mobility and a quick ADS time. It’s 40 Round Mag attachment ensures you can take out a few foes before you reload, and the 5mW laser helps your hip firing stay on target. The blueprint includes a unique weapon perk – Frangible Disabling. This effect enables your bullets to slow enemy movement and briefly disable their tactical sprint when shooting at their legs. Use this to your advantage to rush enemies who will be slower to react when they are attempting to disengage and heal up from a fight. Players can earn this blueprint by going to the Barracks tab in-game and completing the Aristocratic Champion mission. 

Season Four of Modern Warfare is now live.

* Timed Exclusive content until Oct. 1, 2020

Space Haven review (early access)

Colony simulators can be overwhelming. Games like Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld use migration as both a fuel and a pressure valve, delivering caravan after caravan of fresh colonists at regular intervals to ensure the centre of balance of your community is always tipping forwards. Space Haven, which is set not on the filthy ground but in that big empty boob we call space, flip-turns the usual template upside down. You command a ship that quite literally is always moving forwards, resources are scavenged from passing derelict hulls, and fresh crew pilfered from other ships.


Death Stranding PC Specs Revealed

Just a few weeks before the port’s release, the PC specs for Death Stranding have been revealed.

Death Stranding is set to release to PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 14, and we now know what it will take to run this game on PC. As is usual for PC games, publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions have released details about running the game at a number of different settings including 30 frames per second, 60 fps, and more.

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“The minimum and recommended PC specs revealed today give players an idea of what type of equipment they will need to get the most visually enhanced experience,” a press release from 505 Games reads.

To run the game at 720p/30fps, the minimum specs required are as follows: Windows 10 operating system, Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 processor, 8GB of memory, GeForce GTX 1050 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 560 4GB graphics card, Version 12 of Direct X, 80GB of hard drive space, and a Direct X compatible sound card.

To run the game at 1080p/30fps, the minimum specs required are as follows: Windows 10 operating system, Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor, 8GB of memory, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or Radeon RX 570 4GB graphics card, Version 12 of Direct X, 80GB of hard drive space, and a Direct X compatible sound card.

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To run the game at 1080p/60fps, the minimum specs required are as follows: Windows 10 operating system, Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor, 8GB of memory, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 590 graphics card, Version 12 of Direct X, 80GB of hard drive space, and a Direct X compatible sound card.

The specs don’t mention anything about the game’s ultra widescreen mode or 4K options. It’s safe to assume that running the game with those settings will require even more PC power though. You can check out what the PC version of the game’s photo mode will look like when the game launches in July. Be sure to check out our review of Death Stranding to find out what we thought about the game.

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Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @LeBlancWes

GTFO’s latest update has a terrifying new monster to die to

If there’s one thing I really like about GTFO, it’s how nerve-wracking it is trying to creep past the developers’ freaky take on zombified people. It looks like it’s about to get even scarier, too, because the latest update, The Vessel, is bringing a brand new enemy for us to try our best to avoid. It’s also wiping away the old levels and bringing an entire new set for players to explore – to add to all the scariness, this new environment looks like it’s inspired by Alien.


Metal: Hellsinger Is the Doom-Rock Band Mashup I Didn’t Know I Needed

If Doom Eternal and Rock Band were mashed up into one video game, what would it look like? Oh, and not the whole of Rock Band, mind you, but instead it would just be all of the death metal DLC tracks. That metal-FPS fantasy is in fact real, and it’s called Metal: Hellsinger. It’s a new game from industry veteran David Goldfarb (Payday 2, Killzone 2, Battlefield series) and his team at The Outsiders, and Goldfarb is very serious about it. This is no gimmick.

“I love Rock Band and I love Doom,” he told me. “And metal is underserved in the way that I wanted it to be served. There’s the Brutal Legend way and the Doom way and I didn’t want to do either of those things. I wanted to treat [metal] like its own universe.” He searched for the words, before he said, “I want to make the Paradise Lost of metal.”

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You star as The Unknown, and her goal in this playable heavy metal album cover is to battle your way through The Infernal Planes, aka The Thousand Hells, and destroy the ruler of Hell, Red Judge. Along the way, you’ll be aided by Paz the Skull (voiced by Troy Baker), who Goldfarb said is both the game’s narrator and an important weapon.

[poilib element=”quoteBox” parameters=”excerpt=Metal%3A%20Hellsinger%20had%20a%20lot%20more%20of%20Rock%20Band%20in%20it%20than%20I%20was%20expecting.”]

As a massive fan of both Doom and Rock Band, I was eager to give a pre-alpha build a try. To my pleasant surprise, Metal: Hellsinger had a lot more of Rock Band in it than I was expecting. Sure, it’s a first-person shooter – as Goldfarb put it, his team at The Outsiders is taking a shooter-first approach because “we’re [expletive] shooter people. Why would we make a game on rails when we have all of this experience [making shooters]?” – but there’s a lot of Rock Band in here too. As you perform better, shooting and slaying to the rhythm of the metal soundtrack, the music gets more and more intense. Eventually the lyrics come in too. So it gets harder as you get better at it. It has a 16x beat multiplier you can reach, just like Rock Band, that becomes fairly difficult to get to, let alone sustain.

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I learned that my aim was even more important while trying to build multipliers against the demonic horde, and like in Doom softened up enemies lit up for an up-close glory kill of sorts with The Unknown’s scythe after you deal them enough damage. But shooting to the rhythm of the beat added a compelling and interesting hook to the gameplay on top of the usual FPS trigger-pulling. I wanted to build my combo up to get my score higher because, like in Rock Band, there’s a leaderboard to climb in each stage.

Talent from Trivium, Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy, and Soilwork, among other bands, are contributing to the soundtrack. Metal: Hellsinger isn’t due out until 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions likely too (“We are talking about what we could do” with the new consoles, he told me). As Goldfarb put it after he finished his presentation, “Music is joy.”

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Ryan McCaffrey is IGN’s Executive Editor of Previews. Follow him on Twitter at @DMC_Ryan, catch him on Unlocked, and drop-ship him Taylor Ham sandwiches from New Jersey whenever possible.