Our favourite wireless gaming headset is down to under £100 at Amazon UK

SteelSeries make some of my favourite gaming headsets – and RPS’ favourite wireless gaming headset, which today is discounted to under £100 versus its normal price of £175. That’s a good price for the Arctis 7+, a comfortable and great-sounding headset that works not only on PC but also on Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S – that’s all the consoles!

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Pokémon TCG Pocket Is the Right Game at the Wrong Time

One of the big announcements from this year’s Pokémon Presents was a new, mobile Pokémon Trading Card Game, which comes as a big surprise, given Pokémon already has a game where you can collect cards and play online called Pokémon Trading Card Game Live.

Unlike the newly announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, TCG Live was released in 2023 on desktop and mobile, but its lackluster quality has earned it both a 2.8/5 star rating on Apple’s App Store (as of this writing) and the ire of Pokémon card players everywhere. But while Pokémon TCG Pocket does look attractive — with its gorgeous, immersive card art, and slick animations — it’s actually not the game the Pokémon TCG community needs right now. What we need is a functional digital client that fully captures the real-life tabletop game and not a watered down App Store game version emulating Marvel Snap.

Exhaustingly, up until 2023, the main way to play Pokémon TCG digitally was through an official client, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which was serviceable but showing many signs of its advanced age. (In hindsight, we didn’t know how good we had it.) Fans were initially excited when a replacement was finally announced in the form of Pokémon TCG Live, but it was so riddled with issues that it had us begging for the 12-year-old client back. It’s been a real Mankey’s Paw situation!

The digital card game space has evolved dramatically over the years, with Marvel Snap in particular setting a new standard that other developers appear eager to chase. Between Snap’s many awards and millions of dollars in revenue, it’s easy to see why. From the announcement trailer, Pokémon TCG Pocket seems to have been built in the same mold, a “free-to-start” game where you collect cards and challenge other players to quick and breezy battles. Given the Pokémon TCG is one of the most popular tabletop card games in the world, it seemed inevitable The Pokémon Company would get in on this trend, but it seems to have come at the expense of it’s pre-existing Pokémon TCG app that allows you to play the full game, or at least that’s how this competitive Pokémon TCG player sees it.

While we don’t know for sure whether Pocket was developed at the expense of Live, it would certainly explain the lack of polish to the latter. That kind of bad optics comes at a time when the competitive Pokémon TCG landscape is already dealing with a host of other issues. Top among them, the increasing popularity of the game has far outgrown its current capacity, leading to major tournaments selling out in minutes and leaving many players rightfully frustrated. If only there were a quality digital version capable of hosting tournaments online to help alleviate the issue…

Having a fully developed, high quality Pokémon TCG client is important for reasons beyond just being able to play the game online. It’s how many new players first discover the game, pro players rely on it to practice, and content creators stake their wellbeing on it because it’s how they showcase the game on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. But when the only option available is as underwhelming as Live, it only serves to drive people away to other, better online card games such as Magic: The Gathering Arena or Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel.

Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh!, that’s a card game that has the best of both worlds. A flashy version of the full game in Master Duel and a simpler version in Duel Links. What Yu-Gi-Oh! has that Pokémon doesn’t is one of their games doesn’t completely eclipse the other in quality. They’re two different yet equally valid ways to enjoy the game.

Not all reactions to Pokémon TCG Pocket from the competitive Pokémon TCG scene have been negative. Pokémon TCG tournament caster and YouTuber Frosted Caribou posted on social media, “This app could be our TCG savior,” and later responded to a comment with, “Competitive players are sometimes way too quick to dismiss anything that isn’t ‘true TCG.’ If they supported bridging the gap between collectors and players more there are huge opportunities to grow the game and create fun and healthy playgroups for so many more people.”

That’s a fair point. At first glance, Pokémon TCG Pocket does seem like it’ll have a strong appeal to fans who aren’t necessarily looking to go pro, and it’s easy to see it has great potential to grow the casual, collector side of the hobby. Even if Pocket doesn’t let you play using all of the rules like with Live, its quality can still entice new players and act as a starting point before they dive into the full card game.

To be clear, I’m not knocking Pokémon TCG Pocket. Aside from issues with the “free-to-start” model, it looks like a fun, accessible way to enjoy the Pokémon TCG. It has an impressive amount of cool features, all executed with sky-high production value. It’s clear to see that it was made by people who love Pokémon cards, and that they put a generous amount of time, passion, and effort into it – and probably a Wailord-sized pile of money.

All Pokémon TCG players want is to be able to say the same thing about Pokémon TCG Live.

Connect All The Things with this £19 7-port powered USB hub

Here’s something a little different: a seven-port powered USB hub from Sabrent that makes it easy to connect a huge amount of peripherals and drives to your PC without having to fumble blindly with the back of your PC – or turn one of your laptop’s USB ports into many many more. It normally goes for £30 to £40, but today you can pick it up for just £19 at Amazon UK.

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Review: Pentiment (Switch) – Obsidian’s Medieval Murder Mystery Is Portable Perfection

Renaissance, man.

Listen. We’ve already reviewed Obsidian’s superlative Pentiment over on our sister site Pure Xbox, where we gave it an excellent 9/10 score. However, now that we’ve been given the opportunity to return to 16th-century Bavaria all over again in this fantastic Switch port, we daresay it’s better — worthy of a slight amendment to that scoreline, even. Ahhhhh, now, that’s much better.

Yes, Pentiment pretty much blew us away when it first arrived back in November of 2022. At its core a very clever and utterly absorbing medieval murder mystery, the hook here comes through a unique style and setting that results in one of the freshest and most original games we’ve played this gen. In fact, this one — previously an Xbox exclusive — is a real highlight of Microsoft’s Game Pass service, so it’s incredibly exciting to see it arrive on Nintendo’s console in such fine form.

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Dinosaur Survival Horror Makes its Grand Return in Fossilfuel 2

Dinosaur Survival Horror

While the gaming world waits for Dino Crisis to one day be raised from the grave, the indie scene is already being treated to the bone-chilling world of Fossilfuel 2, a puzzle-filled horror shooter with a huge cast of dinosaurs. Developed by indie outlet DangerousBob Studio LLC, this highly-anticipated sequel takes survival horror to new depths. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey through flooded tunnels, puzzle-filled bunkers, and dark corners teeming with jump scares.

FF2 dinosaur
Spinosaurus will track you down on land or in water.

The Sierra Research Facility: Run, Think, Shoot, Live.

In the cold wilderness of Alaska lies the Sierra Research Facility, once the pinnacle of cutting-edge research and development. But when the dinosaurs imprisoned within its walls break free, the base becomes an underground tomb. As Jack Allen, part of an expedition sent to investigate the Sierra disaster, you’ll face the ancient reptilian menace and also discover a vast conspiracy that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

FF2 explosion
The flamethrower is particularly satisfying.


  • First-Person Survival Horror: Step into Jack’s shoes and sneak around maze-like corridors, hide in vents, and lay traps, as raptors hunt you down.
  • Non-Linear Layout: Explore the flooded base, revisit areas, upgrade weapons, and create safe zones by draining water unlocking the game’s multiple endings.
  • Glorious Gory Detail: Blast dinos apart, earning the game that M rating, with an arsenal of deadly weapons, from shotguns and magnums to flamethrowers that dynamically light up enemies.
  • Scuba Gear Required: Dive into flooded hallways and rooms, battling monsters of the deep, as aquatic dinos prove to be just as threatening as their land-based relatives.
  • War Photographer: Use a digital camera to snap pictures of dinosaurs. Photo points can be traded to get upgrades and weapons adding an RPG element to the game.
FF2 megalodon
A horror game with a Megalodon? Yes, please.


  • Multiple endings: With multiple endings, players will have a unique experience based on the dynamic choices they make.
  • Primal action: Players will have the option to turn on Primal, which will overhaul the entire game into an intense boomer shooter, effectively giving players an entirely new experience.
  • Horde mode: Unlock achievements as you try to survive the 50-wave horde mode.
  • Sandbox mode: a Garrys mod-like sandbox can be unlocked for players to brandish their creativity. Spawn NPCs and watch them fight, or make a house with the block spawner, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Fossilfuel 2 today on the Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox Live

Fossilfuel 2

DangerousBob Studio LLC



Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and get ready for the ultimate Jurassic survival horror experience. Load your shotgun and put those dinos back where they belong—in the ground!

Return to the Sierra Research Facility, now overrun by dinosaurs in the Alaskan wilderness. Assume the role of Jack Allen, the point man of PMC Alpha, a team of mercenaries assigned to unravel the mystery behind the dinosaur outbreak.

Gameplay and Features:
Fossilfuel 2 boasts a diverse array of terrifying dinosaurs, from Utahraptor to Spinosaurus. Survive using your wits, strategically utilizing items and weapons found along the way. The game offers multipath gameplay, allowing players to make choices that dynamically shape the narrative, leading to multiple endings based on their actions. Additionally, enjoy RPG elements such as in-game shops and item collections to level up your character and achievements. Can you conquer nature and survive?

Horde Mode:
Fossilfuel 2 introduces a challenging horde mode, where players can push their skills to the limit and unlock achievements.

Multiple Endings:
Player actions matter. Progress through the game, and your decisions will influence its course. Fossilfuel 2 adapts to your playstyle and choices, ensuring significant replay value with multiple endings across 6 to 10 hours of gameplay.

Play as a Raptor:
Experience Raptor gameplay, enabling players to take control of a Velociraptor. Sneak through vents and corridors to eliminate human intruders, turning the tables on the survival dynamic.

Primal Mode:
The adventure doesn’t end after beating the game. Unlock Primal Mode, where Fossilfuel 2 transforms from a survival horror game into an action-packed experience. Start with the best weapons, face doubled and buffed enemies with new challenges, as the developers throw everything at you!

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New Documentary Details Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Difficult QA Situation in Final Stretch of Development

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but developing a game is hard, even more so when a ton of quality assurance work needs to be done. The remake of Resident Evil 4 was far from immune to those struggles, as a new documentary recently revealed.

The details came in a recent episode of the documentary series 100 Cameras (spotted by GamesRadar), which, true to the name, installs a hundred cameras to capture individuals in the specific episode’s theme. This particular episode focused on Capcom.

At the time of filming the episode, Resident Evil 4 Remake had one month left in development before its release date, with a slew of QA issues that needed to be addressed. One development team member disclosed that they found “around 70” bugs after finishing just one day of playtesting.

Resident Evil 4 Remake director Yasuhiro Anpo detailed several bugs, from the screen freezing at random points to Leon falling from the map. “At this rate, we won’t make the release,” Anpo said in the episode.

The episode goes into detail of the activities of QA testers during game development, delving into the extensive gameplay testing to ensure proper functionality.

Among other things, it highlighted the rigorous testing of elements like the “Game Over” screen, and revealed that one QA tester died 300 times in a day while testing the Resident Evil 4 Remake. At one point, the QA lead, frustrated with the number of bugs and questioning why the “fixes are so sloppy,” held a meeting with Anpo, worried that the team would be unable to finish the game before its release date.

One of the major issues was the fact that new additions, including those dealing with menu screens and lighting, were being tacked on during the final stretch of development, causing new bugs to surface and leading the QA team to pile more work onto their plates.

Nevertheless, we know how this story ends: Resident Evil 4 Remake hit its March 24, 2023 release date and did not encounter any game-breaking bugs upon release. The development team’s efforts did not go unnoticed, as Resident Evil 4 Remake was a critical and commercial success.

“The Resident Evil 4 remake is the series’ most relentlessly exciting adventure rebuilt, refined, and realized to the full extent of its enormous potential,” my colleague Tristan Ogilvie wrote in his glowing review of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Taylor is a Reporter at IGN. You can follow her on Twitter @TayNixster.

Pokémon Fans are Convinced That Pokémon Legends: Z-A Is Coming to Switch 2

Pokémon Legends: Z-A was announced during Tuesday morning’s Pokémon Presents stream with a 2025 release date. One of the first questions on the minds of fans was, “Is Pokémon Legends: Z-A coming to Switch 2?”

The answer, for now, is “we don’t know.” Fans who pointed out that it’s coming to “Nintendo Switch systems,” with an emphasis on the plural, were reminded that the Switch has Lite and OLED versions. The timing does align rather conspicuously, though, with the rumored release date of the Switch 2, which is said to be be around March 2025.

So will Pokémon Legends: Z-A be a Switch 2 launch game? Some fans think it might be.

Stealth, an X/Twitter user who frequently tweets Nintendo news, observed, “What if Switch 2 has 3D Mario and Pokémon legends Year 1? It was rumored that Nintendo moved Switch 2 to 2025 to further strengthen the 1st Party lineup. If Pokémon Legends Z-A was one of the reasons, I get it.”

A popular Twitch streamer wrote simply, “100% gonna launch on Switch/Switch 2 in march.”

These comments were echoed by numerous Pokémon fans on various social platforms, amplified by Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ (and Scarlet and Violet’s) well-documented technical problems. Others pointed to the decision to skip the holidays; the fact that Legends: Arceus launched early in the year, and the generall vague nature of the announcement as further evidence that it might be a Switch 2 launch game.

“2025 huh? Potentially skipping out on the holidays is big, and that fact gives even more credence to to Switch 2 2025 leak. Launching with a Pokémon game would be a repeat of the Switch launch: a big, gotta-have game,” one fan wrote.

It would certainly make sense from a timing perspective. On the other hand, Game Freak has a long history of subverting expectations and continuing to support older Nintendo hardware. When the Switch was released in 2017, speculation ran rampant that “Pokémon Stars” would be releasing for the system, only for The Pokémon Company to continue supporting the Nintendo 3DS with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Remarkably, this looks to be one of the longest breaks between major releases in its history. With no mainline entries releasing this year, nor any news of a remake, it looks like the newly-announced Pokémon Trading Card Game on mobile will be the biggest series release in 2024.

In the meantime, all we have to go on is rumors and speculation as Nintendo continues to work on its next-generation Switch in the background. It’s unclear when the Switch 2 will ultimately revealed, nor even what Nintendo’s major holiday release will be if the reports of its delay to 2025 bear out. For now, Pokémon fans will have to sit tight and wait alongside everyone else.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s News Director as well as co-host of Nintendo Voice Chat. Have a tip? Send her a DM at @the_katbot.

In precision platformer Clown Meat, you have to cheer up a Godzilla-sized clown from Jupiter

I’ve done some elementary study of the planet Jupiter for various creative research projects/dead-ends. It’s probably a symptom of my failings as an astronomer, but I have to say that at no point have I noticed any gigantic, depressed clowns. In new platformer Clown Meat, one such gigantic, depressed clown has swum through Jupiter’s atmosphere, drifted to Earth and kicked off some kind of meatpunk apocalypse, saturating the surrounding countryside with circus-themed abominations.

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Review: Shiren The Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon Of Serpentcoil Island (Switch) – A Thrilling Return For A Beloved Series

Sweet little mystery dungeon.

It’s nearly guaranteed that during any online discussion about a game of the ‘rogue’ genre, at least one sweaty person will eagerly emerge from the woodwork to say, “Well, ackshually, this game is a roguelite, not a roguelike.” Eyerolls aside, the distinction isn’t without merit, though ‘pure’ roguelikes are relatively rare these days despite the popularity of many of their mechanics in modern games. Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island—the latest mainline release in the long-running Mystery Dungeon franchise—is a roguelike, and it unashamedly features all the thrilling randomization and savage brutality that you could expect of one. We’re happy to report that it executes on its unflinching design brilliantly, providing a tough, engaging, and addictive experience that you won’t want to miss (if you like roguelikes).

The narrative of Shiren ‘6’ follows the titular wanderer and Koppa, a talking ferret who accompanies him on his adventures. The two of them both received visions in a dream about a mysterious treasure lying in the stomach of a powerful beast on Serpentcoil Island, so they head there to see if the legends are true. In a rather interesting twist, we then jump forward to the very end of their adventure, right in the middle of their climactic battle with the monster. Shiren takes a blow to the head during the fight that gives him amnesia and though he and Koppa fight bravely, they’re eventually overwhelmed by the creature and awaken in a nearby village. Eager for another crack at the beast, and in an attempt to jog his foggy memory, Shiren and Koppa set out again to retrace their steps and, hopefully, succeed.

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